Thursday, March 30, 2006

Stardate: unknown

Who am I? Where did I come from? How are babies made? Who's god? What does he look like? These are the types of questions that your typical garden variety four year old would ask . You can find the answers to the third, fourth and fifth/third questions on cable at 3:am by turning on HBO or by finding that Charelton Heston infomercial/cartoon where he performs all the voices of your favorite bible characters including a ducks voice. So I decided last week it was time to ask the other questions and seeing how I am 35 years old I figured I had better get a move on. So I did what anybody else would do this day and age including that lovable four year old. I googled it. Within an hour I came to find out that once upon a time I was called Carlton Keith Leggett. By Searching the North Carolina birth index, 1800-2000 I found out that the name of my birth father was James C Leggett. I have to admit that after viewing this document my heart started pounding a little faster. After a couple of minutes of heavy breathing I came to realize that I wasn't having a stroke and that I needed a bucket of coffee and sleeve of twip asap. After refueling I started searching the index for possible siblings. I found a Wendy Renee leggett born in 1968 with a birth father listed as Jim c leggett. After learning all of this new information I called Jack, the man I call dad. I told him what I discovered and with out missing a beat he told me that my birth mother had abandon me with the baby sitter and that I had two sisters. Some of this info I knew but not many of the specifics. Within two minutes of getting off the phone with my father my mother called. She told me that my father called and said "Your son wants to know about his roots" and then he promptly hung up on her. Then she said to me "oh so you have decided to wake up"? And then she proceeded to tell me that I had a younger brother. This caught me off guard too say the least. (back to the index he went) At this point my wife had just walked in the door. So I told her about the eventful afternoon I had and in her very compassionate way she asked me if I was ok and that she loved me. I told her I was fine. She noticed that I was shaking in my chair and then asked me again if I was ok. I told her not to worry that I had four cups of coffee and two cans of twip in the last 5 hours or so, and that was the reason I was shaking. For the next hour I could do nothing but stare at myself in the mirror imagining what they could look like and the only images that came to mind were a bunch of angels with my face on them. Good stuff. For the last week or so I have been searching adoption registries and researching adoption laws. NC and the state where my adoption was finalized New Jersey happen to be two of the most restrictive states in the country concerning adoption. Luckily for me my parents have a good deal of info. Anyway I am now on phase two of my google adoption search. The Search For My Birth Mothers Name. I have somebody working on it for me and I have a good lead so hopefully I will know something by next week or so. By the way welcome to my blog.


The Grumbler said...

hey corky. glad you shared this with us.

The Apologist said...

I am glad you decided to start your blog off with something light and breezy.

Kim Jong Ramone said...

I am completely speechless and need to call Corky ASAP. Oh and the fifth/third comment was genius.