Tuesday, April 18, 2006


Spiderman was created by Stan Lee in 1962. Besides creating most of the stable that is Marvel Comics today, his greatest contribution to comic books is the realism he brought to comics.
Spidey is the story of hero that gave up everything, because he placed his responsibility above his own needs and desires. We all know the quote, "with great power comes great responsibility." A lesson Spiderman learned in his first appearence in 1962.

This is the story of my brother, the brother I consider to be my muse. His story with me starts at an annual Christmas party held by the Kosher Mafia every year. He was a bit younger than all of us and I was a bit older then all of them, our friends that is. I cant really compare him to a super hero at this point, but I can compare him to a frog. He was short and a little fat. This nick name came a little later after he joined the martial art studio that we all belonged to, and showed an aptitude for jumping, croaking, and breaking boards with a kick called jump back kick. He was a little obnoxious back then, but I liked him a lot and he would usually do the things that I asked him to do. The things I asked him to do were, come to class, and help run birthday parties that we hosted. Another thing I would ask of him, was to scream in the ear of people that a, pissed me off or b, needed a message that didn't consist of a jump back kick to the chest. It usually sounded something like this. (In a prepubescent voice) "Ricky Rickyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy" I guess I could compare him to the banshee.

I will now refer to him as Ian. Ian, like every body else has tons of his own stories but I can only tell you his story through Corky Vision, I mean my perspective. When I was about 24 or something I was still living with my parents, you could say I was going nowhere fast, I would rather say going in circles slowly. Ian was living a couple of miles south of the mason Dixon line at this time. He suggested that I move down to DC, and he would get a place for us. And I did.

Back then Ian was a bit of scientist. He was hell bent on showing Corky that his car could run without gas. The sure brilliance behind his experiments was that he had no intention of comming up with a fuel alternative. He was simply going to, will, the car to move after it had run out. On any given Tuesday afternoon you could probably see Ian running along the capitol Beltway. Ian liked to jog in the most interesting places. One time he made Corky put on his black "running" suit so we could take a jog throughout Arlington cemetery in a humid 100 degree heat.

After flunking out of school with a little help from his college friends ( before Corky moved to DC mind you) Ian realized his dream. He wanted to be the best at whatever he did. At the expense of just about everything, friends, money and a life. He practiced Tae Kwon Do at least 6 hours a day (I'm sorry but I must interrupt the structure of this paragraph to insert another story). When we lived together Ian and I had a very serious habit that caused us to pawn just about everything we had. Now that you have read a good deal of my blog you are probably assuming its heroin. It wasn't. We would pawn our shit so that we could go to high end stake houses with our other friends that lived in the area. A steak and two glasses of cognac would cost you $80 bucks at one of these joints. I sure do miss that Sega Genesis, but the cognac was to die for.

After Ian finished his quest with becoming a great martial artist he went back to school where he maintained a 4.0 grade point average. The pursuit again all but killed him. It almost did actually. That's where we introduce his Mary Jane Watson as to not be confused with Corky's mary jane. With the love of her ,his mother and yes a little help from his real friends things turned out fine. The reason I call him my muse is because Ian always remembers to make sure that Corky doesn't fall to far behind. Unlike when he was younger he does this in a soft manner most of the time via e-mail. For that Corky is grateful. If you saw Ian and his girlfriend MJ or as I will now refer to as Heather, standing next to Toby and Kirsten, well this blog or my story would start to scare you more and more. It's starting to scare me how easily im putting it all together.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have to change costumes and go to a 13 hour workshop to learn things I've already had to learn in order to do my job. So that the company I work for can tell me that these are the things needed to be done to save costs, even though we are already doing them. What???

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