Tuesday, November 28, 2006


 Anytime I move into a new home before I unpack so much as my toothbrush or a roll of toilet paper I make sure to christen the new joint with this picture.

A picture of Captain Apollo and Lt. Starbuck from Battlestar Galactica (the poor man's bastardization of Star Trek/Star Wars).

Doesn't this picture inspire you?

The last video tape I ever bought was Battlestar Galactica the movie. I think I bought it for two dollars and ninety nine cents. What a find and great investment. The deal of a life time! I've replaced just about every VHS tape that I consider to be an important part of my soul with a DVD copy, but I'm not going to replace Battlestar. I'm too proud of it.

There's no need to go into the great acting, the strong scripts or the amazing special affects. At night I sleep with the VHS tape under my pillow.

But more importantly I want to focus on the most underutilized word in the dictionary feldercarb.

Feldercarb is a word that should be used at least once an hour. For example: I get tons of feldercarb in my various e-mail accounts everyday. Sometimes in the form of advertisements, and sometimes from my boss. I hate his brand of feldercarb the worst. "Frack! More feldercarb from the boss". How much feldercarb can one man produce? I only see the boss a couple of times a month, so most of the time we communicate through e-mail. Thank God. I would much rather receive his feldercarb in an e-mail then watch it seep from his mouth.

Anyway, the next show I intend on watching on DVD is the new Battlestar Galactica from the Sci-Fi Channel. I've heard nothing but good things about it, but I just don't have the time to watch it right now. With the holidays coming and football there's too much feldercarb going on in my life right now. Hopefully I'll have a chance to watch it in March when life come to screeching halt.

I really feel like I should say more about the guy that played Starbuck, but I'll leave that feldercarb for another time. If you're really starved for some Starbuck action Biddie wrote some real heart warming stuff about the guy on her blog yesterday.


Metal Mark said...

I remember Battlestar Gallactica. It was no Star Trek. Actually I am not sure it was even as good as Buck Rogers because at least they had Erin Grey.

Nonny said...

Don't listen to Metal Mark's feldercarb Corky, the orginal Battlestar was awesome. Didn't Buck Rogers also have that retarded robot?

I've heard great things about the new Battlestar also. I haven't had a chance to watch either. Btw, do you remember the name of the show that was on after Star Trek? It was something like "Space 1999" or something and it was about people living on a space station or on the moon or something. Do you remember?

captain corky said...

Yeah, I remember Nonny, but It's been years since I've watched Space 1999. It's not the gospel like Star Trek is. The retarded robot's name from Buck Rogers was named Twiki. Battlestar also had a retarded robot named muffit with triangular ears.

Anonymous said...

That picture totally inspires me. I may have to check out this Battlestar show you speak of.

captain corky said...

Mark, Erin Grey was really hot, good point.

willSIX said...

Ok, Muffit was built for Boxy because his real dog died when the Cylons attacked. Twikki was lame and voiced by Mel Blanc. Dr. Theopolis had a great name, but what's the point of being a supersmart robot if you are basically a light-up frisbee? Honestly, do I have to review the whole show for you frackin' people?

Bless you for this post, Corky. I loved Battlestar. I fully expected the new show to suck wind. Imagine my surprise when it turned out to be absolutely amazing. They made Starbuck a chick and let some short hispanic guy call himself Adama and it's still frackin' great. What amazing times we live in.

Lastly, the original opening credits to Battlestar Galactica? Best.Opening.Ever.

Metal Mark said...

Space 1999 was on for two seasons and it was like two different shows. The first season was decent science fiction and the second was a bad kiddie show. I liked the ships on Battlestar Gallactica. I have frittered away much of my life watching good and bad science fiction.

Will said...

It's good to hear about another person trying out the new Galactica. You'll love it. I've already helped to create some new fans myself.

Anonymous said...

You know... I didn't know there was an original Battlestar Galactica.
I've watched season one and two on the sci-fi channel, and the show, while sometimes riddled with terrible acting and obvious storylines was okay.
I chose not to watch season 3.
But, as you can see, I'm not really a sci-fi fan.

Life, or Something Like It said...

We haven't had a chance to watch the new Battlestar, either. Hubby is dying to see it, but for me it like 'hey! Where's Dirk?' No Dirk? Oh feldercarb!
Yes, your picture is totally inspiring to me. Thanks for the shout out, btw.

Anonymous said...

You crack me up. I haven't thought about that show in a long time. Thanks for the memory jog!

Buck Rogers ruled, too. LMAO at Nonny's comment about the "retarded robot."

The Grumbler said...

the original battlestar had hotter chicks than any other sci fi show ever. sheba, casseiopeia, and athena were all as hot as pam grey. sheba was the hottest--


no personal offense intended, but comparing drivel like buck rodgers to genius show starring lorne greene is ridiculous.

The Grumbler said...

buck rodgers sucked ass. ever see him do gay karate chops and kirk kicks? or his stupid jumping front foot side kick? man, i hated that show.

the stupid robot also made the most annoying noise ever. bideh bideh. bideh bideh. (forgive my alliteration)

if you liked that show, sorry. feel free to tell me the JETS stink.

Pixie said...

Space 1999 now these a blast from the past they had that funny looking woman in it. I think its still shown on Sc-Fi channel in the UK. it used to be on when I was growing up on a saturday evening if I remember rightly.

We just moved into our new place but christend it in a different way ..but thats all I am saying. ;)

The Apologist said...

no way "frak" gets by the sensors these days.

willSIX said...

That's a load of feldercarb, apologist! They frackin' say frack all the frackin' time on BSG!

Metal Mark said...

Battlestar had hotter chicks than any other sci-fi show?

You obviously didn't watch Star Trek although Athena was hot.

I think Buck Rogers and Battlestar Gallactica were about on the same level as neither one was that great.

There was a Saturday morning show called Ark 2 that I just barely remember. I think it is or has just come on dvd. I remember liking it when I was 7 or so, but it's probably really crap.

The Grumbler said...

Who was hot on Star Trek TV show? Uhura. Any other female regular characters at all? Visits to planets solely inhabitted by hot chicks don't count.

Kim Jong Ramone said...

What the smurf are you talking about Corky? I don't get subbing a word in for another word. That is the smurfest thing I have have ever heard of. Smurf to your mother.

Papa Smurf.

Big Pissy said...

I actually watched this show. The guy on the left in that picture was on "All My Children" eons ago.

I thought it was cute.

So I watched this show.

Ms. Tuesday said...

i vote for christening the new house like pixie!


TheBirdman33 said...

When I was young, I liked Battle Star Gallactica MORE than Star Trek AND Buck Rogers. I don't know if it stood the test of time though cause I haven't tried to watch it in a very long time.
I thought the Scylons were pretty bad ass bad guys. But Buck Rogers version of Spok, Hawk had the coolest star ship out of any of them