Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Week 39

Despite what you see in front of your face, I am not a total and utter freak. Also, I moved out of my parents basement way before I was 35, and obviously I've been getting laid, off and on since 1989. I just happen to like action figures. A lot. The action figures in this picture are actually mine and I've had all of them since elementary school. It's OK to be jealous. I completely understand.

The kid still hasn't come out of the womb yet, but any second now... Allyson and I spent the morning driving over pot holes and walking around department stores in search of action figures for Corky Jr's Justice League collection (that he can't touch until he's 4 for safety reasons). We were also kind of hoping Allyson's water would break on the white tile floor in target. Unfortunately, it didn't happen so it was back to the lawn chair in the kitchen for Allyson when we got home (we plan on keeping water damage to a minimum).

So far we have 11 figures for Corky Jr. (All DC for those in the know).

They are:

Green Lantern (John Stewart)
Green Lantern (Tomar-Re)
Green Lantern (Kilowag)
The Atom
The Huntress
Dr Light

A nice little start to an action figure empire if I do say so myself. In other news tomorrow is the 4th of July. What's everyone doing? We don't really have any plans except for Allyson to go into labor. Maybe. I wrote a guest post over at Modern Mommy's blog this morning and urge you to check out her blog. She's a really good writer and her blog is very entertaining.


The Lone Beader said...

Hey, you don't have to defend yourself. Superhero action figures are COOL. They will help spawn your child's imagination. :D

And, at least you're not into G.I. Joes... A friend of mine collects those, and from what I understand, they take up his entire condo. What's funny is, everyone at work makes fun of him saying he collects dolls... LOL. :0

Nancy said...

Pizza, pepperoni pizza ... she will go into labor!

My good friend is Sr. nurse in OBGYN at the local hospital. She said the two most common things to promote labor, the pepperoni pizza and full moon. She swears by it.

So feed her pizza and moon her!

The [Cherry] Ride said...

In a way I'm glad they didn't have such cool superhero figures when I was a kid, or else I would have never left the house. I mean, the Atom? Dr. Light? They rule!!!!

Princess Pointful said...

I found the notion of creating a superhero legacy for your *still* unborn child incredibly sweet :)

Fridaysweb said...

Sex does it. Seriously, if she's still comfy, a slow & easy romp can sometimes induce. But, hey, what do I know? I gave my husband ummm, errr...it involved polishing... the night before I went into labor, both times. Railroad tracks are great too.

I likey the action figures. When you have a girl, the boys can play with Allyson Jr's barbies.

Jenny! said...

Since its your first you may not pop for like another week or so...she should eat lots of spicy foods and get busy...that's what the nurse told me. It didn't work...but was fun anyway!

captain corky said...

Beader: I've never played with a G.I. Joe figure in my life...

I swear that there are no trunks in my parents basement full of G.I. Joe stuff. But if I did have G.I. Joe figures I would still like Superheroes the best.

Nancy: Pepperoni Pizza for dinner it is! She can it in the car while we're going over speed bumps. ;)

Cherry Ride: I know, it's amazing. I wonder what I'll do with them, if god forbid, Corky Jr doesn't like Superheroes...

Princess Pointful: Thank you and Welcome to the log.

Fridaysweb: Lots of great advise! Maybe I should pork Allyson while she eats some Pepperoni Pizza tonight. ;)

Jenny: Maybe we should get busy in a Burger King bathroom tonight. My name is Humpty.

Thanks for the advise. ;)

Tink said...

She's sitting in a lawn chair in the kitchen?! *Shakes head*

Nothing like making the woman who's having your kid feel like a time bomb. *Eye roll*

When my coworker was pregnant her husband made her carry around a clear plastic sheet so she wouldn't mess anything up. He even coated his car with the stuff.

mjd said...

The action figures are cool. No Wolverine or Spidey for Corky Jr?

With both of my children, the water breaking event occured conveniently when we were at the hospital. Maybe Corky Jr. wiil be born on Independence Day.

Enemy of the Republic said...

My apologies for Bush in uniform. But did you notice it was red. In the old Star Trek, the red guys were usually the ones who got killed and Kirk, Spock and McCoy were left standing. Are you okay if I link you because I am.

abbagirl74 said...

Holy shit. I am totally jealous. Tell Allison to get up off the lawn chair already. It's not that bad when your water breaks. It doesn't come gushing out. It will just feel like she wet herself. No need to confine the poor woman to the kitchen. Let her lie down with her feet up. You will wish she had rested more when it's time to start pushing.

Nonny said...

Can't comment on the DC figures, I'm 100% Marvel, well except for my fanaticism about "Smallville", which I don't think has any ties to DC anyway. They certainly don't follow the comic mythology in any kind of actual chronological order.

You still have never answered my question about whether an induction was ever offered?

captain corky said...

Tink: I was just funnin about making Allyson sit in a lawn chair in the kitchen She's the real boss in this house. ;)

MJD: I have Spidey and Wolverine packed away in trunks. Someday I'll let them out of their cages, but for now only Superhoroes with class for Jr.

Enemy: Thanks for the link! I'll return the favor sometime tonight.

Abbagirl74. I knew you would like the Kirk figure. ;)

Nonny: Allyson's due date is actually July 10th. The doctors that we see will not let her go one week past her due date. They will induce before she does.

Aunt Jackie said...

Hmmm, maybe he'll be "born on the 4th of July" and be able to have a movie made about his life--and Tom Cruise can star in it... LOL!!!

Seriously, man it's any day now huh?? I know you're excited. I like the collection. Corky Jr. is one lucky... um, Junior!

Modern Mommy said...

We tried everything, that baby will come in his own time. LOL Thanks again for the guest post, you certainly can deliver that at least!

Pink said...

Aw damn. you guys get to have all the fun. I LOVE driving over potholes!

4 July. Working. The British aren't too big on 4 July. :(


Gina said...

Some women never even feel their water breaking, or have to have it broken for them (which I have heard hurts like a mother). I hope that everything goes smoothly for you two. Such an exciting and nerve-wracking thing to wait and wait!

eric313 said...

I lived on a barstool for years, right next to the waitress station at my local bar. It's where I met my mega hot milf-sometimes-girlfriend back about ten years ago. She's still hot, and I'm the one getting ugly, so it's all good. Until we fight for a few onths, then I lose my bar.

Sorry. Just a drunk story.

I used to have the Millenium falcon, but mom sold it at a garage sale for two dollars.
Oh. My. God.

Jay said...

I hope you are carrying your camera around all the time so if her water does break in Target or Wal-Mart you get pictures to post on your blog.

I think I would stick to going to Wal-Mart if I were you guys anyway. They probably have more experience with women's water breaking in their stores.

It's a good thing to get Corky Jr's superhero collection started early.

Karmalennon said...

I'm jealous of both of the collections!!! That's such a great start to his. :) I'm going to a picnic tomorrow with Brit boy...hope it's fun...

Cheryl said...

My water broke at Walmart. It made for a good story, of which my daughter likes to hear as many as I've got.

I grew up on comic books. It was something I shared with my Dad. Too bad I sold them all for pennies way back when.

gawilli said...

We rode for hours in a jeep trying to move things along - to no avail. I'd have to go along with MM - the baby will come when it comes!

I love the action figures. They actually have vague resemblance to my Grizzly Adams figure.

furiousBall said...

Cal: Why? Seriously. I mean, look at this place, man. You gotta see this through the eyes of a woman, you know? What is she going to think when she comes in here? Look. He's got a billion toys.
Andy Stitzer: So what?
Cal: And more video games than a teenaged Asian kid.
Andy Stitzer: Okay.
Cal: [Pointing to an action figure on a shelf] Is that the Six Million Dollar Man's boss?
Andy Stitzer: That's Oscar Goldman.
Cal: Why do you have that?
Andy Stitzer: That's worth a lot of money. That's much more valuable than Steve Austin.
Cal: Well, that may be the case. But none of this shit is sexy, okay?
Andy Stitzer: I'm not trying to be sexy, man.
Cal: [Pointing to a framed poster] I mean, seriously, Asia? You framed an Asia poster? How hard did the people at the frame store laugh when you brought this in?
Andy Stitzer: They did not laugh at me.
David: Know why you're gay? Because you like Asia.

The Artist formerly Known as Purpleworms (!) said...

Action figures are SO cool! I have a few, but no DC ones. Although now that I think of it - a Green Lantern fro above my desk would be ultra super cool. And I think I want a Green Hornet too (and maybe a Kato). I love your picture Capt'n!!

What A Crock said...

wheres the hottest best most amazing...


he needs to have his first love be there immediately.. hanging NIOP. ;p New in original package baby.

lol you should just lay tarp down everywhere.

slskenyon said...

You cannot beat the huge collection of action figures. Just make sure you have more original boxes.

Jerrster said...

I don't know...I was a kid when the whole GI Joe thing hit the market....it just didn't excite me....a soldier doll?....whatever....now Barbie...she's hot...GI Joe should have hooked up with her...He was in Viet Nam back then, she was on the beach in So Calif or she was a Stewardess on TWA...they should have made a little Bob Hope USO set where Barbie could have danced half naked for all the GI Joes....that would have been a Christmas gift I would have wished for.

captain corky said...

Aunt Jackie: Aint no Scientologist playing my kid in a movie. Not even John Travolta! ;)

Modern Mommy: No problem I enjoyed writing it. :)

Pink: I have to be at work at 10:30 tonight so no real partying for me either.

Gina: Thank you. The waiting is driving us slighly crazy, but we'll be ok. I think.

Eric313: I'm always up for a drunk story. Thanks for sharring. LOL at the Millenium Falcon story.

captain corky said...

Jay: I try not to shop in Wal*Mart unless I need fishing stuff. My love for fishing supersedes my hatred for Wal*Mart. Filthy store.

Karma: Have a great time, and don't do anything I wouldn't do. ;)

Cheryl: It breaks my heart to here stories like that( The comic book ting). There might be something to going to Wal*Mart.

Gawilli: If a Jeep won't do it, I don't know what will. ;)

Furiousball: Exactly pal.

captain corky said...

Purpleworms: Thanks! One day when I am big, I'm going to have an entire room devoted to my toys. It will have a nice fridge in it with lots of cold beer too.

Thanks for stopping by!

What a Crock: Tarp...Now that's a great idea!

Both me and my wife are upset about the Wonder Woman Ting. I can't find her in a box without Superman and Batman, and I already have two to of those bastards. I have Wonder Woman from the 1980's Super Powers collection, but not from the current Justice League collection. Yet.

Slskenyon: Some of the figures, from this current collection, that are harder to find are already being scalped on the Internet. A 4.99 figure is going for $35 to $40 bucks. Ridiculous!

Jerrster: LOL! Ken and G.I. Joe never stood a chance in my house.

Heart Of Darkness said...

Well, they say sex usually starts the labor, so... and don't worry, you wont poke him/her in the eye!

The action figures are... sorry, surreal! :D

etain_lavena said...

ahhhhh still no Corky Jnr...everytime I visit fopresure there will be news today....me gosh......EXITING:)
Really kewl action figures, Jnr is very lucky to have you guys as parents..
Keep safe.

Cazzie!!! said...

My older brother had all the Star Wars and Star Trek Figurines, still in the box, even when we became adults. He also had the Mellinium Falcon and other things like the X Wing Fighters and stuff.
I used to tease him and call the figurines his Star Wars "Dollies". It used to shit him no end!!!
Little Corky will come when he is good and ready :)

Canadian flake said...

I know you are excited and impatient but I hope Corky JR waits at least until the 5th to be born. He deserves a birthday all to himself...he shouldn't have to share with an entire COUNTRY..lmao.Hang in there dad

HoosierGirl5 said...

I have an idea. Take Allyson down to Waterfront Park where hundreds of people are. THAT will do it, for sure!!!

Our plans are to veg out here at home until we head over to a friend's house for a cookout/swim party. I wanted to go down to see the fireworks but I was outvoted.


Biddie said...

Aquaman...DROOL...man, nobody fills out a speedo like him.

Anonymous said...

RIght off the bat, I would like to disagree with you. You ARE a total and utter freak and we all know it.

Anonymous said...

which green lantern is kilowag?
And why do they make so many versions of Green Lantern? Did the character suddenly become much more popular than I remember?

Dan said...

Despite what you see in front of your face, I am not a total and utter freak.

What was it Hamlet said? Methinks the lady protests too much? :)

What A Crock said...

its because shes really hot right now with the talk of movies and shit. you wont find one that doesnt look like the stupid cartoon version.

Crashdummie said...

wiiiiiiii you sure got a great collection going on there!

So what is the one figure your just dying to get your hands on and add to the collection?

captain corky said...

Heart of Darkness: So when can I pencil you in for a play date? ;)

Etain: No baby yet. He's got me and Allyson going berserk right now. Not even born yet and the kid has our number!

Great to hear from you.

Cazzie: You're brother sounds like my kind of guy. Corky Jr already knows he's completely in control of this family. ;)

Canadian Flake: It doesn't look like the 4th is in the cards for Corky Jr. Maybe 7/7/07. That would be cool!

Hoosiergirl5 Have a great time! I actually have to work tonight so no fireworks for me.

captain corky said...

Biddie: LOL! I've never noticed.

Birdman: Learn all that is learnable, and if you don't have the patience to read follow the link you can call me for the short version.


Dan: "Robert Reed was the kind of guy who could get booed of a stage while doing Shakespeare and turn around and say, "Don't look at me, I didn't write this shit."
Barry Williams

What a Crock: Linda Carter should play Wonder Woman. After all these years she's still hot!

Crashdummie: I want a Captain Corky figure made for his collection, of course. ;)

I think there is actually a website that makes custom made figures for people. Maybe a Crashdummie figure too. :)

Rayne said...

oh, LOL, had a great time reading your blog...and thanks for stopping by mine...i look forward to reading you again, and best wishes for a speedy labor for (you and) your wife...

Heart Of Darkness said...

You Superman, me Barbie!

Naah.. I think I'll stick to puzzles. Crossword puzzles, that is, not people puzzles...


Camplin said...

I can only dream of your collection. Clearly I have not been to enough comic/sci-fi conventions or on Ebay enough to create such a thing of beauty as your collection. (I say this as a tear streams down my face)

Crashdummie said...

yeah? but dont think the world is ready for a crashdummie figure.. ;)

Alicia said...

C'Mon baby Corky!!!!

Ms. Tuesday said...

Whatta man... makes his 10mo prego wife sit on a plastic lawn chair... I hear that most women's water doesnt actually break on its own (despite what you see in the movies), so I think Alyson will be safe on the couch buddy. =)

Metal Mark said...

I am a Marvel comics fan, but liked a few DC characters. I always thought the Atom and Green Arrow were underrated. Love the Star Trek figures. Last year my wife's water broke about two minutes after I posted a blog entry. I am glad I got that post in.

Aunt Jackie said...

Where's Corky?!? Y'think Allyson has actually gone in to have the baby?? Oh the suspense! Corky!! Let us know.

Tink said...

I'm dying for updates. Did she have the baby??

Webmiztris said...

how's the water damage now? did she have the baby??? I'm crossing my fingers for you!!!

Jenny! said...

Burger King's bathroom would work!

captain corky said...

Rayne: Thanks for stopping by, and I'm glad you enjoyed the post. ;)

Heart of Darkness: Puzzles confuse me. To this day I still try to put the square block in the round hole.

Camplin: Welcome to the log my friend! I'm glad you enjoyed the display.

Crashdummie: Ya just never know. Maybe a Crashdummie action figure is just what the world needs. ;)

Alicia: Good to see you! I have an answer for you up above. :)

captain corky said...

Tuesday: I think our couches might be water proof anyway. ;)

Mark: I've got lots and lots of X-Men figures too. I just want to start the kid off in the right direction.

Aunt Jackie: See up above. ;)

Tink: Not exactly, but we got great news!

Webmiztris: Thanks! Things are going really good except the the toilet bowl just overflowed. That kind of sucks. ;)

Jenny: Looks like it won't be necessary. ;)

Jenny! said...

You have 6 days....you better go for it man...otherwise you are looking at 4-6 weeks!

kat said...

You are no more a freak than any of those mommies who collect Barbies for their daughters. As a matter of fact, they are worse because they leave the Barbies in the packaging and I'm sure you will play with the action figures until Corky Jr is old enough to do it himself.