Thursday, June 24, 2010

Thirteen Seconds of Inspiration.

The first thirteen seconds of this video should give you enough inspiration to get through a day. Watch the entire minute and twenty eight seconds and that will get you half way through next week.

I know how it is. Hot, hazy and humid only intensifies feelings of sadness, despair, and hopelessness.

As the 4th of July gets closer I think about this more and more. Friends from all walks of life seem to be feeling more hopeless these days. Lets face it, the last ten years have been pretty fucked up aside from the Colts winning the Super Bowl in 2007. The Colts lost the Super Bowl this year so even Peyton Manning THE GREATEST QB TO EVER LIVE knows what hopelessness feels like. He's also from the Gulf Coast  and I'm sure that hasn't helped him to resolve any feelings of dread.

It feels like America is really lost right now.

But the other night as I gave the kids snack America revealed itself to me and it's not lost. Max had graham crackers with whole milk and Ben was also drinking the white stuff and hammering fists full of Graduate puffs. Outside the sun was starting to set and lighting bugs were starting to appear. Inside both kids were laughing like there was no tomorrow. This alto is America and it's very easy to ignore.

Note: Unknown to the first time reader of Corky's log, Max and Ben are the offspring of Captain Corky and one day they will contribute in saving the world. I don't set unrealistic expectations for my children. I started training both of them while In utero.

Since circumstances are different for everyone maybe we need to mandate a time that's suitable for the whole world to stop what it's doing and watch the Hooker Intro for thirteen seconds. Maybe 7:15 PM Eastern Standard Time.

Of course I respect those who can think for themselves and if the morning suites your needs better than by all means watch the clip when you first wake up.


captain corky said...

I learned how to run from this show.

captain corky said...

It should also be noted that T.J. Hooker was a gift sent from the God of TV to Captain Corky.

Kirk, Nogerelli, and The First Milf all on the same show!

Jay said...

T.J. Hooker was Adrian Zmed's best work. Other than Grease 2, of course.

Palm Springs Savant said...

That was some show, no question about it Corky. Where boys learned how to be MEN.