Tuesday, June 15, 2010

White Castle Premium Blend Coffee

When my body is laid to rest I can only hope that White Castle Premium Blend will be served at the funeral home. I can't think of one funeral I've ever been to where the coffee didn't taste like shit.

A few weeks back to cut operating costs at the log we started shopping for cheaper gourmet coffee. When I saw White Castle Premium Blend on display with the likes of Starbucks and Duncan Donuts I had to give it a try. It's surprisingly good and costs about five dollars for a thirteen ounce pouch which is considerably cheaper than other brands that might not taste as good and are more expensive.

White Castle coffee isn't just a fantasy funeral home amenity though. If your life falls apart and you come knocking at my door in tears I'll give you hug and tell you everything is going to be ok. Then I'll guide you to a chair in the dinning room and pour you a hot cup of WC coffee. As you proceed to tell me how it all went wrong I'll only interrupt you for a brief second to offer you some Half and Half and sugar or Splenda. Hopefully by the time you are done crying and finishing up your second cup you'll feel better and will have a basic understanding of how your life fell apart.

Captain Corky is always here for you and is ready to serve a delicious, comforting, cost effective cup of coffee in these troubled and crazy times. I'm also here for you during the good times as well and maybe we will drink a cup of White Castle Premium Blend Coffee at the top of a really high mountain during a sunrise someday.


Dana said...

What?? No Coffee-Mate French Vanilla creamer??

Biddie said...

Ooh..Now I'm sad. We don't have WC coffee here...:(

Cheryl said...

I buy Trader Joe's coffee at $3.00 for 12 oz. It's amazing. I'd buy White Castle just for the retro bag :)