Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Eli's Blood

Thank God it finally cooled down yesterday.

If I wanted to live in place that's a hundred degrees everyday I'd live in the fucking desert and look under fucking rocks for scorpions and lizards.

The cold front that came in yesterday seems to have calmed down the fucking mosquitoes. These fucking mosquitoes have been out of control this Summer.

Again, If I wanted to live in a place that was infested with mosquitoes I'd live next to a swamp in North Carolina or Florida.

My son Ben has been brutalized by mosquitoes this Summer. He has three bites on his face and a few on his head, the poor thing.

I hate fucking Summer from July 7th on. It's depressing, muggy, buggy,  and really fucking hot. For the most part TV sucks in the Summer and so do Summer sports.

But tonight... Tonight there was blood in the air and I could smell it thanks to the cold front that came in from the North yesterday.

Eli Manning got hammered on Monday night football. Best fucking Preseason game I've ever seen.

The clip is good, but might make you a little queasy if blood's not your thing.

I'm ready for September 9th. Yep.

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