Sunday, January 02, 2011

What The Hell Are They Thinking?

I thought my eyes were deceiving me when I saw Fox 11's scheduled three o'clock NFL game. Instead of the Bears-Packers match-up with playoff implications, they're showing the all but utterly meaningless Eagles-Cowboys game! What a flipping outrage! The only explanation I can imagine is that someone at channel 11 is a die-hard Dallas fan who stays on the jock even when the Cowpies suck ass. Damn, that pisses me off!

I'm stuck having to watch one of the two CBS AFC offerings; to wit: Jaguars-Texans on 6 or Titans-Colts on 10. Either of those and a lap dance might interest me (for the duration of the dance). Mrs. Peter is out and would not approve of my having someone else over for a lap dance, so I think I'll take a nap. Thanks Fox 11, you Cowboys loving bitches.

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Mike Golch said...

Stuff happens!