Saturday, November 12, 2011

Redistribute This!

I'm emerging from my hiatus to weigh in on the Occupy [whatever] movement. I used to think like many of the younger people there; I thought the world owed me a living whereby I could do as I please and still have whatever I want. Then I came down and grew up. The truth is one cannot expect the world to give one anything; there are winners and losers. Industrious, hard-working people usually end up as winners; whiny, snotty, spaced-out slackers usually end up as losers.

It would have been great to get paid to get high and play video games and watch porn and jack off all day every day. I couldn't get anyone to foot the bill, so I had to work to earn a living and to be able to afford to do the other stuff when I had the time. Many of the Occupy hippie wannabes don't understand this and think that socialism would provide the answer to all that vexes them. The problem with socialism is that there are too many people who don't really want to do anything productive. If the state provides for these people at the expense of industrious people through wealth redistribution, the state becomes a de facto slave owner, and productive people become slaves of the state and of the slackers. Fuck all that dumb shit!

These Occupy people would do well to go home and try to do something productive, rather than stay where they are befouling their surroundings and tarnishing the legacy of real hippies.

God bless capitalist America! Down with sniveling, invidious, slacker bitches!

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Aunt Jackie said...

I emerged from my Hiatus too, I'm trying to get back in the swing. So I'm having to go through links and see who's still hanging around the blogosphere! :)