Wednesday, December 07, 2011

On Yet Another Sorry Scofflaw

So Alec Baldwin got thrown off a plane for much the same offense that nearly cost a fellow passenger his teeth on a recent flight I took; what an asshole! Why do these arrogant, godless, hedonistic anarchist turds think the rules do not apply to them? Typical of hypocrites, these bitches are the first ones to whine, "Foul!" at the instant of a perceived slight [witness AB's Twitter activity in the immediate aftermath of this incident]. They embrace the rules when the rules benefit them, yet break them whenever they can and look down their noses at those of us who appreciate order and behave accordingly. Fuck all of them!

If the jackass who was on my flight last week had pulled the same crap that Alec Baldwin did, I promise you he would have regretted it the rest of his life: every time he looked in the mirror; every time he desired to eat solid food. Had I been on that flight with Alec Baldwin, I'd have treated him precisely the same. I don't swoon over celebrities; I would have cut him no slack. His acting career would have been over, save for appearances on crime dramas as a corpse, a vegetable or some guy who just got the living shit beat out of him. I reiterate: FUCK HIM AND EVERYONE LIKE HIM!

All these anarchist punks need to go find an island, move there and get that whole Animal Farm thing going on with each other; there is no place here in polite society for any of them.

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Anonymous said...

this peter talks awful tough, but word around DC was that he wasn't so bad. more of a big talker than anything else.