Sunday, January 01, 2012

Breast is Best: Put Your Chest to the Test

My husband had never, ever heard of Katy Perry before TMZ posted these bikini picturesEver since that fateful moment in time, this .gif has been bouncing on his computer's monitor.  Yes, for one entire week, the video card has been working double (D) time making sure that the up-down-right-left-up-down-right-left motions remain as smooth as Corky's best dance floor moves.

Not being an outraged feminist, I can't get that offended by this, in spite of the fact that I just heard this declaration:  "Every woman's breasts should look like that."  Well, if we all drove the same cherry red Lamborghini, we'd get bored, right?  



Variety is definitely the spice of life.  Just ask this woman's customers.

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Snowflake said...

thats cause men only think of them selfs. big boobs hurt. and are in the way all the time and unpractical.