Thursday, April 27, 2006


Back during the silver age and golden age of comics, every hero had a side kick, Batman had Robin, Aquaman had Aqualad, and the Flash had Kid Flash. The Kid like his adult counter part, could run close to the speed of light. He was so fast that he could run on just about any surface. For example, he could run across the ocean in the same manner that a stone skips across a pond, I think that's how it works but how the fuck do I know? I'm not a scientist. Kid Flash is the comic book character that's most reminiscent of Doug to me.

Our history together starts almost at the beginning of my life. He is my brother. The brother I consider to be my guardian angel. I was first introduced to Doug by a local neighborhood head hunter named Bik. Bik's specialty was recon. I don't know if Bik hid in bushes or up in trees as he watched new people move into the neighborhood, but somehow he was always friends with the new kid on the block, first. On one sweet day, Bik told me to follow him over to Doug's house. When I got to Doug's house, there was Doug in all of his Hasbro, first line, GI Joe glory. I thought to myself "okay Doug you got Corky's attention now let's see what you can do with it". Needless to say Doug and Corky became fast friends.

Doug and Corky spent many of their earliest adventures swinging sticks at each others heads. Today, behavior like this would have gotten us sent to institutions, and our parents arrested, but back in the 80's this is how the kids in our neighborhood had fun. When we weren't assaulting each other, we were doing what we did second best, pissing off our fathers. We were very devious back then, and we had a brilliant plan that we concocted, that when implemented would piss both our fathers off at the same time. We would go to my house and take my fathers Stanley screwdrivers and sharpen the heads on them into fine points. Then we would go over to Doug's house, and mutilate the only tree in his front yard. We also had an ax that we used to hurl into that tree. We actually got pretty good at it too. The only problem with our full proof plan was that we didn't account for what would happen to us when our father's realized what we had done...

As time progressed so did our hobbies. There's tons of fun, crazy stories that I will get talk about in later posts/chapters/past incidents, what ever you want to call them, but for now I must jump a head to a darker period in my life. One time after a three week binge on all sorts of stupidity I was sleeping in my bed. Let's just say I was completely exhausted, defeated and demoralized etc. When I woke up there was Doug, reading a comic book with his body contorted in a way that most people's bodies aren't meant to be. He was naturally flexible you know. Anyway, when I woke up I could see him looking at me, waiting for me to get up and well, you know, swing a stick at his head. And he waited for what seemed to be all day. I will never forget that moment for as long as I live.

I have to jump back again, sorry but I forgot to mention that when Doug was a very young child, he had a very serious ailment. He had what is considered to be a childhood version of Alzheimer disease. What I mean by this, is every where that we went Doug thought he saw his pet ferret. We would have to say things like,"no Doug, that's a squirrel not your ferret.

Now lets flash forward to Doug's life. When Doug was not hanging out with Corky and the gang he was practicing guitar, going to alter boy practice and studying with various tutors, but I know that all he ever wanted to do was run fast with Corky. Somehow Doug wound up going to an Ivy league college.

I must apologize to all of my other friends but Doug gets to play the part of Darth Vader. Doug started to do the things that made Doug, Darth. Let's just say that he let his anger consume him and he was on a very destructive course. After just about loosing everything, mainly himself, he figured out that it was time to change. I wish I could have been there the night he decided to take off the mask and became Doug again. Doug was back to square one, and had to learn how to swing a stick all over again. Luckily for Doug he has a dazzling sister and a loving mother and a friend a named Bill, that were there for him.

He was on his way but there was one important ingredient missing. That's where the wonderful Celine comes into play. Doug met this wonder girl in a bar or a diner, and he did some ridiculous Jewish folk dance to get her attention. It probably would have been a lot easier if he had just pulled out his Gi Joes but Corky stole them all, so he had to do the dance. In Corky's else world imagination she is the leader of a certain group of girls, that I will feature in a later posts as well.

To sum it all up Doug is now the Daredevil, a lawyer by day and an adventurer by night with a weakness that augments his gifts. Doug and Celine's story is just getting started and so far it's an amazing story.

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