Friday, May 26, 2006

Another Theoespian heard from

Remember Blair from the Facts of Life? Originally she was going to be the girl who lost her virginity on the facts of life but she played her Seaver card, and as a result It was Natalie, the Jew broad who lost it first and felt guilty and ashamed.

Blair wrote a book called Creative Correction: Extraordinary Ideas for Everyday Discipline. She also home schools her three kids in California.

Are you an End Times kind of guy or a global warming type a gal? The place I work has strict policies about surfing the web and blogging during operating hours, and as a result, I spend my nights at the office picking my friend Eric's brain for insights into his faith. One thing I have learned is that the word faith is very misleading and often abused by Christians, pretty much in the same manor that the word genius, is abused by football annalist's. After discussing some savory topics with Eric such as politics, pro choice vs pro life and redemption to name a few, I flat out asked Eric if he had any faith in mankind. His answer was very candid and very honest. He said, No. He used his children's development as his model for the "true" nature of a human being. He used words like, selfish, hurtful and disobedient to name a few. Now, I finally understand his point of view. I'm not saying I agree with him, i'm just saying I respect his honesty. I always defend the human position obviously.

All of this has led to some very disturbing dreams and a couple of revelations for the Captain. I had a dream last night that I was at a 12 step meeting for people who were saved by Christ. I think some people call that a church, but anway In my dream, I was the only person who had a testimonial without a conversion. As a result I was very nervous about my turn to testify. Later in the dream I was standing with my arms spread wide open looking up at the heavens. After i had woken up in cold sweat, i made a promise to myself that i was never going to discuss religion again. I broke it 5 minuets later. I have been walking around asking random people that i know point blank, if they have any faith in mankind. Do you?

The revelation is clear. All women without faith in man kind, excuse me, human kind, henceforth will be known as Blairs on this blog.

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