Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Doug's pal Jimmy

Here is a picture of Krypto, Superboy's dog. Krypto was introduced in 1955 in Adventure comics.

Actually i'm here to talk about people and their pets. I will start with Doug and his dog Jimmy. Doug and his wife Celine live in a really nice apartment in Brooklyn, New York. I think they call it a brownstone. They have almost been married for a year already. Wow. Before they got married, while they were engaged they lived in this apartment as well. We all know that when couples live together they start accumulating lots of stuff that takes up space. In New York real estate is very expensive. Here in kantucky, me and Allyson pay 436 dollars a month for our two bedroom redstone, and space is becoming an issue. Doug and Celine pay over 2000 a month for their place. Right before they got married they discussed the possibility that they might need a new place. Besides the financial aspect, they became very attached to this brownstone so they had to brainstorm for a solution. Here is my interpretation of their solution.

One day Celine came home from work and she was horrified at the site she found. Boxes full of pillows, towels and other house hold items, all sitting out by the curb, weighting for the trash collector. She ran up the stairs hysterical and when she opened her front door, she found Doug laying on the couch reading a newspaper nonchalantly. "Why did you throw all of our stuff away Douglass?" She exclaimed. Doug stood up calmly, embraced her and told her everything was ok. And then from out of the hallway came Jimmy. Jimmy is a beautiful usually friendly, pitbowl and something whatever dog breed. "We no longer have any need for pillows honey" Doug said. "Watch", and then doug called Jimmy over and fluffed him up nicely and placed Jimmy behind his head and started reading again. "See, honey". By the end of the night Celine was still mad about all of their shit being in the garbage, but she was already smitten by Jimmy. The next morning Celine, wiping the sleep out of her eyes, approaching the bathroom, asked Doug how she was going to dry off after her shower. Then she opened her eyes, and saw Doug standing there with Jimmy wrapped around his neck and a toothbrush in his mouth.

A couple months later, The three love birds took a trip out to the country aka Morris Planes New Jersey. We were all staying at Lou's cottage. After a couple of minuets of greetings and pleasantries Doug, assaulted me. After a couple of minuets of smothering me, I managed to get on top of Doug. And then it happened, Jimmy wrapped his k-9 jaw around my arm and started to tug me away from his master. Insert Corky's panic attack here. Celine being the very nurturing person that she is, informed me that Jimmy just thought my bicep was a bowling ball. At that point i warned them that i was going to tell my father on them. Ah good fun.

A couple of year before these events, i was fortunate to witness another Dog's origin story. I was standing in the back yard of Matt's parents house wating for Matt to come back from his trip from the mountains aka the pet store. Me, Doug and Lou were all standing out back with Mr C. disscussing golf. Doug and Lou were aspiring Yuppies back then and i must have known that one day i would be living in the south, where golf and college football are the national pastimes. Then Matt finally showed up, and Mr C's backyard magicly transformed into a used car lot. Besides the fantastic metomorphes of the back yard, I was equally mesmerized by the fact that Matt was communicating with his father. And then Mr C. Started to inspect the shocks or the hip of this dog. And for the next fifteen minuets or so, Mr C. would pet Banchee and then step back and say "Is there something wrong with his hip"? And then he would get back down and start petting the dog again and then he said "Matthew, I still say there is something wrong with his hip". But Mr. and Mrs C. turned out to love that Dog as much as Matt did. You should have been there. It was great.

Me? I'm a cat person. I have two cats. A cool male cat named Fonzie and a female cat named Tinkerbell. Allyson and Corky don't really call the other cat by her name. We just refur(intentional misspelling, as apposed to all the other unintentional misspellings), to her as the baby cat.


Kim Jong Ramone said...


and I think Jimmy is Giant of Pitbull or at least that is the rumor Doug is spreading

The Apologist said...

"Giant of Pitbull" is what this dog trainer with limited command of english said Jimmy was (he looked at me like I was an idiot when I said he was part great dane or something). "Land of Giants" is this famous kennel and now also a "street breed" of pits bred for size (a "land of giant" pit).

Whatever, I still say he's part Great Dane. It makes people feel better. Plus I still say there's something wrong with his hip.

scott said...

just what this town needs, another Giant Pitbull, why me?