Thursday, May 04, 2006

I would like to mount this Buck on my wall

Remember when Joe Buck had a heart attack during the playoff game between the Packers and the Vikings? Randy Moss pretended to moon the Packer fans, and you would have thought by the way Buck reacted, that Moss jumped into the stands and started beating the shit out of a fan. This is a direct quote from the twerp, "That's a disgusting act by Randy Moss, and it's unfortunate we had it on our air live." I think Troy Aikman was caught off guard by the Twerps reaction, because it took him a couple of seconds to react and it sounded like he had to swallow his real feelings towards Buck. Your a twerp Buck.

I really have very few complaints about the NFL, but i wish they could put a good play by play guy in with a good commentator. There is something missing from my Thanksgiving these days and it aint the cranberry sauce, It's a great broadcast team. Madden and Summerall. The last great team? I hope not and i don't care what you think of Madden these days, back then he was great.

Aikman is a phenomenal commentator. Sims is really good, even Theisman is not bad. Then you have Al Michaels who is the best active nfl play by play guy. Actually Dick Stockton and Aikman make a great team. That's why I like the month of October, the Twerp is covering MLB, pissing off baseball fans. I wish he would start covering bowling or something instead of Football.

I have one plea, The best Play by Play guy out there is not doing the work he was ment to do because him and his wife like to do chicks together. I'm talking about Marv Albert. He is the best play by play guy i have ever heard in my life time. Yes his son does games for Fox, but its not the same. It's kind of like Jim Henson's son doing the voice for Kermit. He sounds the same its just that the magic isn't there. I can even deal with Boomer Esiason, talking about his glory days with the Jets, just so I can listen to the great Marv call football games on the radio. I just wish the Networks would grow some balls and put Albert where he belongs, in the booth with either Aikman or Sims. It's a good thing i'm an AFC guy or i would really be up shit's creek having to listen to the Twerp week in and week out.


the mighty mjdouche said...

i already wrote about this on my blog

the possible said...

The worst is Buck teamed up with Tim McCarver during the mlb playoffs. Oh how I have wished to see/hear them both tumble out of the press box and be replaced by a play by play man that is not a fox's clean cut, emotionless, douchey bore-bag and by a color guy that actually knows the game of baseball. Come to think of it, I hate McCarver more than Buck.

captain corky said...
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captain corky said...

The saddest part is that for every one of us, there are a thousand Seavers that worship Joe Buck and think his, is the true voice of sports.

The Apologist said...

Buck makes me long for Costas, and he is a self-congratulatory asshole, but I think it goes deeper than any of you realize. Joe Buck is just a symptom. The real enemy is the FOX Network.

Here is a list of the things they do shitty during sports broadcasts: play-by-play, graffics, in game stats, montages, music, intros, analysis, and camera work (I have never seen camera-men faked out by play-action as badly as the Fox crews).

Fox sports is an insult to the eyes and ears of sports fans.