Saturday, May 06, 2006

I'm hungry

The plural of bagel in New Jersey is bagel. When ever we go up to visit my friends and family my mother usually gets a dozen bagel for breakfast. Even though I have not lived in New Jersey for over 10 years, I still get home sick from time to time for food. Remember when I told you that if I was ever going to become a professional drinker again I would move back to DC? Well if I ever decide to eat again i'm moving back to New Jersey/New York.

It's really true, the further west or south you go from New York, the worse the food gets. Even in DC you can't find a good Chinese restaurant. I have found that Korean and Vietnam food seem to be good everywhere you go. Besides that, if you want pizza, a bagel, Chinese food,or even Italian food, and you don't live in New Jersey or New York, your shit out of luck. Some people say that they like Chicago style pizza but I say humbug, and I challenge them to live in New York or NJ and eat pizza for a month. They will never feel the same about that bastardized concoction called pan pizza. Pulled barbeque pork is about the best Kentucky has to offer. And I have found some good recipes for Calamari, of all foods. That's about it.

A couple of years ago I was standing in line buying my wife a Christmas present and I happend to be wearing a Jets hat. The kid in front of me asked if I was a Jets fan and I said, yeah I like them. He then told me he grew up in Union New Jersey. The first question I always ask a transplant is if they like it here. He said in his very refreshing accent that in fact he did. We talked about the cheap rent and we laughed about the fact that people here have no idea what a traffic jam is. Then our smiles turned to frowns as we looked at each other and the blood rushed out of our faces and at the same time we said foooooooood.

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