Tuesday, May 09, 2006

If TV land ever airs Will and Grace, Corky is quitting television forever

Allyson and I spent the winter hibernating in our apartment watching the first four seasons of Alias, between work and school and work and work. I don't know if any of you watch this show, but it's pretty good. It's a fun show with good character development. My only complaint about Alias is that I can no longer stand Jennifer Gardiner. I don't know if it's because she has been poisoned by the Ben Affleck plague or if it's because Sydney Bristow(Gardiner's character on Alias) is the only character that never developes. She is the same whinny, annoying, vulnerable, tough, brat in the last episode of season four as she is in the series pilot. Her father on the other hand, Jack Bristow played by Victor Garber, is cool from day one and develops into the best character on this show. Despite Affleck's girlfriend, I'm looking forward to season five when it comes out on DVD.

Will and Grace: This show could have been really good but Grace was in it and NBC has this brutal way of turning sitcom characters into annoying fucking cliche's of their original concepts. See those annoying friends for the worst example of this.

Warning ABC, you just lost the NFL, now watch your networks ratings go down the drain. It's the kiss of death. When CBS lost the NFL they were ranked last. Now they have the AFC package and they are number one. NBC, no NFL no ratings. Law and order has kept that network afloat even without Lenny Briscoe. However NBC is getting the NFL back this year on Sunday nights, and Mike Logan returned to Law and Order so there is new breath for you.

Fox has the Simpsons, Nascar and the NFC package. There fine, even with JOE FUCKING BUCK. By the way I don't recognize the impact reality TV has on network television.

Malcolm in the middle was ok the few times I watched it but I found the older brother subplot unbearable. 7th Heaven had Catherine Hicks from Star Trek 4 and Stephen Collins from Star Trek the motion picture but with out William Shatner I just cant do them. I'm not deep enough to appreciate the West Wing. That 70's show, well we all know what happened when Ritchie left Happy Days. No Eric Foreman, no 70's show.


Neale said...

Just want to clarify. Your problem with Will and Grace is Grace. What kind of Kentuckian are you?

Anonymous said...

#1 Will and Grace has been unwatchable for about 4 years, but was not a bad little sitcom until then.

#2 and more importantly if you ever make fun of Friends again, the greatest sitcom ever, I WILL do the "corky's Blog Bit" and it won't be pretty

The Comedian

captain corky said...

Funny you should mention that Neale, after I posted my thoughts on Grace an angry mob of villagers came storming to my house with pitchforks and torches. I was seconds away from being lynched, but at the last second I screamed, "She's a Jew, Grace is a Jew"!

Chandler Bing said...

Could the show friends,(long pause) be any more annoying? But please don't do the Blog bit, I need the residuals to pay my rent.