Wednesday, June 21, 2006

What does this piece of art say to you?

This wonderful awe inspiring piece of Barn Swallow art comes from Terry Redlin,, he is called the "master of memories". I like his stuff a lot. I'm not really interested in artists like Freda, for example. If I want to look at pictures of a tormented soul, I'll look in the mirror. I like warm fuzzy feelings when I look at pictures and paintings, that bring me to the verge of a good cry. There's nothing wrong with crying, just ask Rosy Greer.

When I look at Redlin's paintings I can smell the leaves burning in his picture's of Autumn. I can hear the sticks slapping the ice in his paintings of people playing hockey. You get the point, you understand. Sure.

So far I have about 5 of Redlin's pieces in my art collection. My two favorites are this one and one titled "spring fishing".

The only problem I have with the painting above is the light house. I could do with out the fucking light house. I'm not so crazy about the dog either, but I'll excuse the artist this time.From time to time on this blog I reference a place that I used to camp at when I was a younger kid. The name of the campground is Otter lake, . Otter lake is where I went to observe the high holy days, usually around the first or second week of June and sometimes the last week of May. The Fugawee calendar is much longer then the secular (what a dirty word) calendar. Most Jewish people fast during the high holy days. Me, I fish.

The painting above epitomizes Otter lake to me. That's what makes this particular piece so special to me. The boy is obviously me. The dog belongs to someone outside of our camping group. Because I can't remove the lighthouse from the picture it will represent the general store, keep in mind it's on the wrong side of the dock. That leaves the girl. The girl is obviously Debbi.

Debbi, like so many of my other friends grew up to become a lawyer. Instead of spending sun up to sun down fishing, she spends sun up to sun down working. She wound up marrying a nice guy named Chris from England, who like most of us LOVES comic books too. I am very happy for my friend Debbi. One day when the tide is right, we shall fish again, and incase we don't we will definitly have a drink together, and at the very least, laugh about the size of the bluegills we spent a good portion of our lives on this planet fishing for.


captain corky said...

PS. Dear Deb, Sorry so short, longer letter later. Love Corky

Deb said...

Dear Corky:

I long for our fishin' days at Otter Lake. I propose a reunion trip! If not, I will meet you for that drink anytime.