Friday, July 07, 2006


Last night at work I felt unusually good. I had that feeling that I usually get when I'm really excited. Like when I'm about to take a trip, or go on vacation or something. Now I do admit that I received a couple of nice checks yesterday, but not enough money to make me feel like it was Christmas morning. What was it I wondered. Then I pieced it together, I had spaghetti and meatballs for dinner. I love me some me after a big plate of meatballs and spaghetti.

I have been on one of those annoying diets again. You know the kind, brown rice instead of white, water instead of coke, and lots and lots of coffee. It is nice to be able to breathe again, and I have to admit I did lose some psi in the tire around my waist, but a couple of hours after eating that wonderful plate of spaghetti and meatballs I felt super charged. I am going to stay on my diet, but I don't see anything wrong with giving myself a nice little treat once every two weeks or so.

While I was buzzing around work being the busy bee that they try to turn me into, I so desperately wanted to have a Corky moment. I wanted to pretend I was a bee hovering around a flower gathering nectar. Busy busy busy! I'm sure ya'all would have appreciated it.

Now that I have audio blogger and I'm becoming more Internet savvy, I'm on my way to making one of my dreams into a reality. One day I'm going to create a short documentary about the company I work for. It's going to be called Money. Its going to be one of those old style cartoons. You know the ones where the characters sing opera as they dance while the short epic moves along. The characters are going to be solid black and chain linked. The only word spoken in the piece will be money. Its a work in progress, but I have allready recieved an Oscar for best animated short, at least in my mind. You should have been there, It was glorious.

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