Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Holiday Road

Here is a picture of what me and my sister will be doing every day next week while your all at work. Next week I will be in Cape Cod. Were going on a family vacation. I can't remember the last time I went on a Swiss family Corky vacation. Even Jack will be there. My wife has made it clear that she is only up for one fishing trip. I have tried to explain to her that going out on a boat in the ocean to fish is as close as one gets to touching the hand of god on this planet, but she just won't buy into my usual brand of bullshit.

My mother has only two rules for the entire week, we have to go to her favorite show and she drives on the way up. Can you believe that, a woman driving while I'm in the car!?! Don't worry mom, your not going to have to drag me to the show. I'll go willingly. I'm sure I'll be willing to eat lobster and go to the beach a couple of times too.

The Funnel and the Younger will be making a special guest appearance during the week as well. I have not been this excited since Morey Amsterdam and Rose Marie guest stared on the Love Boat. This is going to be a fun vacation.

There is only one dilemma, I'm not sure if they will let me take my surf rod on as my one piece of carry on luggage for the flight up to NJ. My mother suggested that I ship it but I dropped the ball on that already, besides I don't trust anyone with my beloved surf rod that I bought in Cape cod that doubles as my cat fish pole here in KY. Oh I'm sure I'll figure it out, don't worry.

Still, were going to miss you Swiss family Willsix. Being in Province Town with out all of you is kind of like me, opening up your garage at 6:am, eating all of your Chef Boyardee and playing all of your sons video games while he sleeps. Meanwhile the two of you are at work and your daughter is at summer camp. All though it's lots of fun there still seems to be something wrong with this picture.

Now if only I can trick Jack into getting sauced a couple of times, then everything will be perfect.


willSIX said...

I lack the proper words to describe how jealous I am of you, my old friend. I shit you not. If there exists someplace in this world that can truly be called my "happy place", Provincetown would be it. I love everything about that big, gay place.

Please have the greatest of times, and catch some big fish.

captain corky said...

Blogger is having an epileptic fit right now.

I wish you were going as well Will, its been a long time since we've taken a trip in a row boat together. Rember when we caught the Ray? That was a fun and crazy adventure.

Deb said...

Will: P-Town is my "happy place" too!

Captain: have a wonderful time. I am very, very jealous. Please drop by the joke store for me.


willSIX said...

I remember that day well, Cap'n. There isn't a single part of it I don't recall fondly. Even that mean-ass ray.

I'm not so sure we should have eaten those flukes we pulled up off the bottom of the bay, though. Still, those were some damned tasty flukes.

Kim Jong Ramone said...

Have fun Breeder.

captain corky said...

I will Deb. Aren't you at summer camp right now?

I don't see anything wrong with eating fish from the bay. Doesn't salt water kill just about all forms of evil, bacteria and pollution?

PS. Don't tell anyone but i plan on exposing my skin to the sun as well.