Thursday, July 20, 2006


Who does this kid think he is holding that fish on this here blog? Who invited you? Just kidding kid, anyone who is as enthusiastic about fishing as you are is welcome anytime.

The summer Fluke is the game I will be hunting next week. The state record in Mass is 21 pounds. I plan on cashing in some of my 15 minutes of fame, probably about 3 by catching a 25 pounder. I'm not sure if I'm going to catch the monster in the surf or on a fishing boat after downing about 3 beers which should give me the perfect buzz. I'll let you know sometime next week.

In other news Kim Jong Ramone has updated his blog. It's always a good time when KJR posts.

I'm sure I will have access to the internet while I'm up in Cape Cod but just encase please keep an eye on the log for me Will. I'm sure the Birdman will do the same.

"Have Bones and Lt. Allyson meet me in the transporter room, you have the bridge Mr. Six".


Kim Jong Ramone said...

Bluefish now that is a fish that puts up a fight. See you on Friday Lt. Dan

captain corky said...

I think the first part of the trip we fish for Blues and then the second part is when we go fluking. I would rather fish for Fluke the entire time because we can eat our catch. Blue Fish are strong though, your right about that. Fluke put up a decent fight too.