Saturday, October 07, 2006

The Obsessive couple

Sometime in the mid 90's I moved out of my parents basement and into a bomb shelter in Bethesda Maryland with my friend the Grumbler. I think we paid about 800 dollars a month for rent in this apartment. Today I think they are selling for like 350,000.

This joint as far as apartments go was amazing. It had sound proof walls. The Grumbler and I used to get drunk and then blast his Bose CD player while we alternated CD's and played brooms standing on couches and tables at 1:00 am. It was a lot of fun (I heard that this was similar to a game that people used to play called band in the 80's). For the most part we never heard complaints from any of our neighbors about the amount of noise we made and we maid a lot of fucking noise. It was weird but cool. Another guy that used to live in the neighborhood named Logan used to come over and we would throw steak knives into the walls of the living room. Good stuff.

Obsession was the name of the game when we lived together. The Grumbler was practicing tae kwon do really hard, 6 or 7 hours a day. I would practice TKD sporadically, but I was doing a lot of drinking at this point in my life. Three cases of beer a week. When we weren't obsessing on our particular passions we were eating at very expensive restaurants like Ruth's Chris Steak House for example. For two people not making a whole lot of money I don't know how wise it was to spend all of our money at expensive restaurants. There were a couple of times when our money situation got so rough that we ate pancakes out of a box for like two weeks straight. I'm amazed that I can even eat a pancake today. There were times when I had to close my eyes, hold my nose and force those things down my throat.

When we weren't eating, drinking or practicing TKD we were watching military themed sitcoms. Hogans heroes and The Phil Silvers Show(my favorite military sitcom of all time). Both shows were brilliant. At the end of our very exhausting days it was nice to come home and watch a Hogans Heroes mini marathon.

From time to time we would have house guests that would stay for months at a time and not pay a dime in rent(cheap fucking bastards). They stayed in our walk in closet in the living room. Three of our favorite house guests include Skiver, C Fike and the Apologist who would eventually become our third room mate at our next destination. C Fike even set up a TV in the closet, I was impressed with his ingenuity. Good stuff.

To learn more about Captain Corky and his amazing friends, his incredible wife, and his extremely bizarre life, stay tuned for the next installment of Corky's log.


the informant said...

there were two seperate miguel perez sightings in the last few weeks. contact me for more info

TheBirdman33 said...

We need the Miguel Perez info!!!
Put it in a crew-wide email if it is blog sensitive material!

Kim Jong Ramone said...

Yeah I love a good Mervis Pervis sighting.

Kim Jong Ramone said...

What about McHale's navy or whatever it was called. and F-Troop?

captain corky said...

I actually mentioned F-troop and Mash when I first wrote the post but I decided to delete the line. At some point I will post about F-troop for sure.