Thursday, October 05, 2006


This has been one of the most emotionally draining weeks of my life and it's know where near being over! First on Tuesday night, Jeter goes 5 for 5. The game had a paralyzing affect on me, I couldn't move I was speechless, spellbound and drooling on myself. I finally felt the pride, that's the only way to explain it! I got it. I can't believe It took me this long. Why didn't anyone tell me? Then last night I was all prepared to play hooky from work so I could watch the second game. I had my peanuts and my crackerjacks and I was ready for another dose of the living legend but then the fucking rain came and washed all my pride away.

I was furious! I almost missed a night of work for this sport... All of a sudden I was 9 years old again and starring out the window watching the rain wash my baseball game away, helplessly.
This is the real reason why I'll never become a baseball fan, rained out games bring back to many painful child hood memory's of afternoons that could have been. I played the wrong sport when I was a kid.

Even though I'm not a real big fan of any sport that doesn't play in the rain, I do understand that Jeter will be classified with the greatest sports figures in American history. That's pretty impressive.

In my mind, Jeter's plugging a pack of Kools, timeless.


Anonymous said...

Derek Jeter dated Mariah Carey!

TheBirdman33 said...

He's no Michael Jordan but he has made some pretty damn good plays

The Grumbler said...

i am beginning to think that genuine self confidence (not the chad johnson look at me kind) is the most important quality for a pro athlete. think jeter ever has any doubts about himself? i'm thinking he doesn't get worked up about people saying he can't go to his left.

The Grumbler said...

ms. kitty:

but when he dated her, she was still sort of normal.

please forgive him. he has done better recently

Anonymous said...

you had to go south of the mason dixon line to realize you were a yankee at heart?