Thursday, November 23, 2006

Corky...have you ever read a Superman comic?

Wednesday night after drinking three cups of coffee at work I had a vision. I happen to have visions all the time, and some times my visions become delusional, but not this time. I'm kind of like that dude on Heroes that has to shoot dope in order for his powers to work. Currently, I only need coffee to induce my power. I spend about 500 dollars a year on coffee at work, isn't that ridiculous? Just think, If I stopped drinking coffee at work I would have an extra 500 dollars in the bank at the end of the year, but no visions. The visions are definitely worth 500 bucks a year. Plus, I read somewhere online that most Americans get there antioxidents from coffee. So basically I'm spending 500 bucks a year on my mental and physical well being. That's a good investment, right? My new motto: Fuck vitamins, I drink coffee.

Anyway, when I got home from work on Wednesday morning I started starring at my template, so I could turn my vision in to a reality. About five minutes later, I knew the only answer was to pull a Birdman, and ask Ms. Tuesday for help. So I sent Tuesday an e-mail begging her on my knees as I typed, asking her if she could modify my home page per my vision. She said yes and was very gracious about my request. It's not like Tuesday has a husband or a full time job, and a new house to put together. Nope, she just sits at home and waits for me and the Birdman to ask her for help with our blogs. I thought it was going to take her at least a couple of days to get around to doing it, but when I got home from Thanksgiving last night, everything that I asked for was finished. I almost wet myself, I was so excited. Thank you Ms. Tuesday, but like the song goes, "We've only just begun".

I'm very excited about the direction in which my vision is heading. I'm particularly fond of the Secret Origins thing. I spent a couple of hours trying to edit those posts, because when I first started this blog all those months ago, my writing was extremely rough. Now it's only semi-rough. It has a grit rating of 3 for all of you who are familiar with sandpaper.

All Star Squadron is my favorite comic book of all time, and the cover of issue number 1 is amazing. I think this comic is worth a buck fifty in mint condition. All Star Squadron takes place during World War 2. I think you will find this link very informative and fascinating.

One last thing, It would really be in your best interest to read the title of this post in a British accent, or is it Australian? I forget.


Anonymous said...

Okay, either I'm still too drunk to be blogging or it's too early in the morning.

That should be read with a Polish accent.

Superman comics rock. You crack me up, Cork.

Kudos to Ms. Tuesday for helping you out! Very cool indeed!

HoosierGirl5 said...

Okay, I totally agree with the "Fuck vitamins, I drink coffee" philosophy. Let's get that on t-shirts immediately.

Second, you've been tagged. See my blog. (grin)

Anonymous said...

What brand, type and flavor of coffee do you drink dude?

I need details. ;)

Anonymous said...

Just think, If I stopped drinking coffee at work I would have an extra 500 dollars in the bank at the end of the year

nuh uh! because you'd blow the $500 on whatever it took to quit your coffee addiction... trust me. i know. :p
I like how you give links to your comic references. i like comics but im pretty new to the whole thing so half the time i dont know what people are talking about and most of the older more knowledgable nerds just look at me like im incompitant in which i want to kick them in their virgin junk for it but i dont because i have more self control... now... lol

ps. Spell Check is for suckaz!

Anonymous said...

Believe it or not, I actaully have that comic. And in it's buck fifty mint condition...

And it sucks. Sorry, but it does. ;)


Ms. Tuesday said...

Me? Have anything better to do? ;) Never. Anyway, all I really had to do was pass the message on to the Technical Advisor, so it was no biggie.

But you're very welcome Captain.
Any time.


P.S.- I think you just outted Birdy.. these nice folks thought he was modifying his own blog this whole time!

captain corky said...

Dan,at home I drink Millstone. The crap I drink out of the vending machine at work is mud, but it gets the job done.

TheBirdman33 said...

I used to have that entire series and they were my favorite comics...then there was a flood in the basement of the Birdparents house a few years ago. It is very depressing.
And Steven is very incorrect, the All Star Squadron was the shit.

TheBirdman33 said...

I always like the look of that Green Lantern but WOOD is an even lamer weakness than yellow!

Anonymous said...

Coffee spurs your visions? Interesting...really strong cough syrup does it for me. ;)

Kim Jong Ramone said...

I always wanted to be in a gang. What's are colors?
What's are set?
When do we get to be in the Boyz in the 'Hood remake?

Metal Mark said...

I drink way too much coffee and I read way too many comic books as a kid.

captain corky said...

There's no such thing as too many comic books Mark, and the Birdman is right, The All Star Sqaudron is the best of the best.

The Adult in Question said...

Love your new motto. I drink way too much coffee. Especially if I have to go to work right after school.

Ms. Tuesday said...

PS- Grease 2 still sux.

Go Danny and Sandy!