Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Give Us This Day Our Daily Bread

Thanksgiving is probably my favorite of all the holidays that I celebrate in earnest. As a stone-cold atheist (and avowed racist), it appeals to me on many levels. I like the idea of a holiday that centers around family not God, home not Church (or Mosque or Temple), and being thankful not worshipful. There's also the delicious home-cooked food, the opportunity to spend time with close family, and the old fashioned appeal of bundling up in some nice winter clothing. Those of you from states without cold seasons generally can't appreciate that last reason, which is why I find your cultures to be soulless, empty, sun-worshipping, and selfish.

But I digress.

Normally the Clan Six would enjoy a lively meal at one of our parents' homes (both Mrs. Six and I live in the same town as our parents). This year, however, is special. This year, we will be traveling, on the busiest travel day of the year, to my absolute, positive, most-favoritest place - EVAR! That's right! The most pointless state in the Union - Connecticut! The Constitution State! Where the Constitution was neither written nor first ratified!

Gentle reader, I know you now must be pondering why I would subject myself to such abject torture as spending my favorite holiday with a bunch of nutmeggers, eating their inferior foods and listening to their feeble attempts at topical conversation (which depart their mouths sounding more akin to clicks and whistles than to the dulcet tones you and I produce). Your question is a fair and balanced one, deserving of an answer.

It's because I will be spending the evening with this kid.

This is sure to be one of best Thanksgivings, ever.



captain corky said...

"Those of you from states without cold seasons generally can't appreciate that last reason, which is why I find your cultures to be soulless, empty, sun-worshipping, and selfish".

This is definitely the quote of the day! The first thing my wife told me when I woke up this morning is that you posted Will. I almost sprained my ankle when I jumped out of bed!

I'm also thankful that you pointed out to all of our new readers how mindless Connecticut is.

Anonymous said...

Hardcore Athiest, huh?
Isn't that the only kind?
I've never actually met an athiest that isn't bitching about God and religion on a fairly consistant basis.
Did you see the "God bless you" bit that Dane Cook did a few months back? Good stuff. Very funny.

willSIX said...

I'm afraid I'm not much of a Dane Cook fan, Alicia. However, as to your first point, I don't know very many atheists, so I can't say for certain whether hardcore is the only time permitted. I myself am a "stone-cold" atheist. Meaning my atheism derives from Stone Cold Steve Austin.

There do seem to be a great number of atheists on the political blogs, and yes, they do spend quite a good amount of time bitching about God and religion.

I myself would prefer to bitch about law school, work, and family, but I never seem to find the time. There is always time, however, to bitch about Connecticut.

Anonymous said...

Amen to that.

Anonymous said...

Bitching about Connecticut, that is.

Kim Jong Ramone said...

That sounds like a great way to spend you Thanksgiving. When get back give us a little update. Connecticut does have two redeeming qualities. Granted they are both casinos but the do lie within that state's border.

HoosierGirl5 said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you!

TheBirdman33 said...

I was going to say I am a redeeming quality about Connecticut, but I no longer have to live in that hell hole, just own property there!

The Grumbler said...

i am an atheist and don't bitch all that often. if people want to believe in god or superman or the easter bunny, that is their business--i only bitch when they force their values, or monotheistic affirming pledge of allegiance, down my throat. oh, wait...i think i'm bitching.

its my favorite holiday, too, will. god or no god, lots of good food and three football games in one day proves the world isn't so bad. enjoy.

The Grumbler said...

will--my pseudonym on my short memo was michael newdow :)

Anonymous said...

I talked to my bother earlier...GREEN stuffing is NOT one of his favorites. NOT.

I SO wish I didn't have to work tomorrow, but I am thankful I have a job. (I know, fuck ME, ha ha)

Here's to "thankful!" May we always be so. Big smiles, we could be WAY less...

Anonymous said...

Happy Fat Thursday to all you mugs! ;p

Anonymous said...

ps... per the Cap'n's joiesness hehe i added you all to my linkage. Diss is how we blog roll foo! ;p

im done actin cheesy.

its the overdosing on turkey.

willSIX said...

Grumbler, did your professor tell you that you lacked standing? ;)