Friday, November 17, 2006

It's 4 a.m... do you know where your kids are?

If you ever need to get in touch with me the best time to call is at 4:00 a.m. There's a very strong possibility that I'll be sitting on the couch eating dinner and watching a movie like Bully. If you don't have any plans this weekend and have never seen this movie before I highly recommend that you rent it. It's a very disturbing flick. I didn't get a chance to see it from the beginning so I hope it will be on HBO this weekend so I can TiVo it.

I'm surprised that the Birdman never mentioned Bully to me, because it his sole responsibility in life is to keep me informed about stuff like this. This movie is very graphic and I don't recommend watching this one with the kiddies. It's basically about a bunch of fucked up kids and a couple of sociopaths. If you have any interest in watching this movie make sure to read the user comments on IMDB. Very informative. A lot of us can relate to being young, doing lots of drugs and being or feeling aimless. At least I know I can. I was aimless once.

For me, the first time I felt aimless was when I was a Boyscout (I know that sounds absurd but please continue reading). I was a Scout for two years. That means that I put the uniform on and that's as far as I progressed in the Boyscouts. Two years without earning a single merit badge. No elevation in rank. I came in as a scout and left as a scout. Here is a perfect example of why I never progressed in the Boyscouts, I had an opportunity to achieve a hiking merit badge on a camping trip that troop 20 went on somewhere in Pennsylvania. While the rest of the troupe went off hiking I stayed behind to fish. "You guys go on without me, I'll be alright". I'm pretty sure that Willsix was there for that adventure. Sounds pretty harmless, but at some point I started to worry about my failure to be a productive Boyscout.

Right around the same time of my experience with the Boyscouts of America I was also starting to experiment with cigarettes and stuff. We used to buy smokes for a quarter at the local Foodtown and then chain smoke the entire pack in the woods right behind the grocery store. I wasn't exactly hanging around with the honor roll at this point in my life if you know what I mean. I was turning into a real miscreant.

My life could have very easily turned out tragically just like the kids in Bully, but fortunately for me I was recruited into a Korean militia. An organization that I belonged to for many years where I achieved many successes. It also helped me put my deviant behavior on hold until after my brain had developed to a point where at least that behavior didn't completely destroy me.

If you dig deep into the archives of Corky's log I'm sure you'll find plenty of stories about my deviant life style and a few about the Korean militia as well, but I can't tell the whole story right here and now. What would I have to talk about tomorrow? Star Trek?


Anonymous said...

LMAO I had a similar lifestyle when I was younger.

I'm definitely gonna have to check out that movie.

You can talk about star trek any time you want, Cork. Really. It's okay. ;-)

Nonny said...

Korean Militia? This I've got to know about. Perhaps I'll spend the weekend reading your archives. Do you have to be Asian to be recruited into the Korean Militia?

Anonymous said...

most of us from the korean militia are whiteys. we just had/have korean leader and old fashioned korean principles. (sort of in the reserves now, myself.)

Anonymous said...

Shit. I've never heard of this one. Now I need to check it out.


I know it was last post...but still...I can see the picture below this tiny comment box. ;)


Pud said...

Did you even learn how to tie a knot or something while in the boyscouts? I hope you got something out of your time there.

captain corky said...

I spent two years tying knots and playing dodge ball. The whole experience was a colossal waste of time but at least I used to get laid a lot. Chicks loved the uniform.

TheBirdman33 said...

Sorry I did't pass on the info on this movie, I thought it was my own late night, ver disturbing, guilty pleasure.
Those kids could have gotten away with it if they were sober. Stupid.
It is not really the kind of movie I would tend to RECOMEND to people lol

The One and Only A said...

dood eew teaase. (punctuashawn)

wut gibs?

Ms. Tuesday said...

While I have always had a thing for "men in uniform" the Boy Scouts uniforms never cut it for me.

PS- Im so confused by the comment above this... was that in Klingon??