Tuesday, November 07, 2006


This is a picture of a small town in Ohio called Zanesville. The only thing I know from this town is a gas station right off of route 70. I took this picture right after I filled up my car on the way to NJ. If you click on the link I provided for Zanesville you will learn that Dan Patrick is from this town. There was also like 110 violent crimes committed in 2003 (I'm sure most of them were alcohol related).

I spend approximately 100 dollars a year in Zanesville buying gas, sunglasses, beef jerky and coffee. Also, I spend up to an hour and 20 minutes in Zanesville annually, so that makes me kind of like an authority on all that is Zanesville.

It looks like a nice wholesome place just judging from this snap shot. The only other thing a person like me has to use as a barometer when gauging a town such as Zanesville is the condition of the bathroom that I use when I'm passing through. There's a sign in the bathroom that says, "Please notify attendant if the bathroom needs attention". I guess I could say something to the attendant like "excuse me, the toilet seat is covered with urine, pubic hair and other stuff. It could definitely use some "attention". What are ya'all a bunch of fucking animals in Zanesville or something? Might I suggest you people try following the example of other small towns in America like Livingston NJ for example. The public bathrooms in that town are so exquisitely clean that you could eat your dinner off of the toilet seats." However, I'm not one of those assholes you see all to often, that screams at people who make minimum wage unless they fuck up and put onions on my burgers at those hamburger joints you see all over the country.

Still, I'm not going to judge the entire population (roughly 25,000) of Zanesville or the entire state of Ohio because one little bathroom is out of order. As a matter of fact it's probably all of the assholes that come from places like Louisville Kentucky that are the true perpetrators of these crimes against hygiene, except for me obviously.

To learn about other small towns in America click on this link provided for you by Captain Corky. I've got lots of fun storries about that town.


Anonymous said...

LOL Now you're REALLY making me homesick. I've been through that town a time or two when I lived up there. I swear I even recognize that road!

Nonny said...

I'm gonna let the whole Zanesville/Ohio slam pass for now. 1) Because even though I've lived in OH my entire life I've never been to Zanesville so I'm apt to take your word for it. 2) I hate onions on my burgers too. We may have been seperated at birth buddy.

PS: Thanks for the link, right back at ya :)

captain corky said...

My friend Erika currently lives in Bowling Green. Maybe she could weigh in on Ohio at some point. So far Lady K and Nonny are the only two friends I have from that state so right now Ohio is batting 1000 in my book. I also happened to notice that there's a shit load of lakes in Ohio which means the fishing must be really good. I like to fish.

willSIX said...

I think I'd like Ohio a lot more if they would actually make it possible fore people to, you know, actually vote.

Anonymous said...

I'm becoming an expert at figuring out how decent the truckstop bathroom is going to be by looking at the outside of the building.

From Idaho Falls to Boulder is 688 miles. I drive to Little America in the middle of freaking nowhere, WY to gas up and go pee... then I drive to Boulder.
That's it... one potty break. I'm deathly afraid of public restrooms, but I can handle Little America.

Anonymous said...

nice link to friendsville. i just got a little homesick for the farm.

the post hijacker said...

the colts beat the broncos on a long last minute field goal. i would say that means the broncos can compete. the broncos just need to fix their second corner and they will be fine. i also have a theory that they were saving their best coverage schemes for the playoffs so they can surprise the colts. same with the patriots. that's why the colts won both games. the elite coaches save their surprises for the playoffs.

even if the colts win 2 superbowls, gayton is not close to elway as a qb. never.

the chargers might be able to compete with colts, but no way ravens can--not enough offense.

TheBirdman33 said...

Don't forget to do the blog maintanance you were going to help me out with. THANKS FELK

I passed a lot of little towns like that on the way to San Diego, it is always fun to road trip. I don't really know the violent crimes ratio of any of the places I stopped to pee and get Slim Jim's though, so Kudos to you.

Ms. Tuesday said...

lady k and and nonny, youre from OH too?? small world. I grew up in Cuyahoga Falls, which doesnt look so much different from that picture, and while I will always be a mid-west, all-American-as-apple-pie girl at heart, I thank god every day that my mom moved us to the east coast when she did... The mid-west is a crazy, crazy place. Its like a different world really.

technical advisor said...

hmm.. it feels like that pointed "blog maintanance" comment may actually be aimed at me...

suit yourself, but im here if you change your mind.

Kim Jong Ramone said...

I had the pleasure of spending a long weekend in this town in the early 90's. One of my friends is from here and I went out soley because I would have access to drive a Tractor on a farm. That was good enough for me so off I went.

I NEVER thought I would get to flex this little bit of useless knowledge but here we go. Things I know about Zanesville OH in no particular order: They have a minor league baseball team named The Zane Greys after an author who was born there One Zane Grey.

It is the location of the only "Y" bridge in the world. A favorite past time of the locals is to tell us city folk to "go to the middle of the bridge and make a right"

They cut their pizza in small bite size rectangles (this may not be limited to Zanesville but that is where I saw it)

A favorite term by the locals at least the ones I hung out with was "Shawah" or variations like "Schawee Shawah". As far as I can tell this is equivilant of the word "smurf" in the Smurf language, meaning it can be used in any form and substitued for any thing the speaker desires.


Well not sure where that is but I live in Zaneyville here for about 11 years now and its ok I guess, behind the times and all but is somewhat quiet, originally from Charleston wv. moved here to retire early.although have lived here for 11 years I know no one. that should say something I guess , although as years passed I came in contact with friendlier people.