Thursday, February 22, 2007

Have you had your cup of Corky today?

Ideally, what time of day do you like to have your Captain Corky fix? Have you replaced the Daily News with the log at your breakfast table yet? Do you even wait for the coffee to finish percolating before you sit down to read? I have an idea of how it works for some of you, but I am curious as to how much importance is placed on making the log in integral part of your life.

The reason I'm asking is not because I have a really big ego that needs to be fed constantly... On the contrary I have really low self esteem and I need to know that I matter. I want to be so much more then just some middle class slob who barely scrapes by. It's not enough that I'm in a loving marriage, have good friends, a baby on the way, and a pretty decent DVD collection. I want more out of life. "I want the world. I want the whole world! It's bar of Chocolate give it me, now"!

Aside from my feeling of insecurity its been a very busy week for me. Last night I fucked up by wearing sneakers to work. Everybody noticed including my boss. Wearing sneakers at my place of employment is the equivalent to a 15 year old kid coming home from school with a nose ring and a new tattoo. Even though I work in an office and not in the operation I still got a lecture. I'm also doing a lot more work at work these days because of a mass management bowel movement. I'll tell you people, it's hard being middle class!


Heidi the Hick said...

I gotta have my Corky fix!!!! You're awesome Captain Corky!!!!!

No really you are.


I'm not a suck up either.

Alicia said...

Dude, next time wear flip flops. Call yourself Peter Gibbons and tell them you didn't get the TPS Report.

I like reading while drinking my coffee.
Make no mistake about it, I am fully dressed an concious... but I can't officially start my day until the coffee starts warming my tummy and makes my hands shake. That's when I know I'm truly ready for the log.

bardouble29 said...

I read the log in the evenings with a great glass of wine. Its my time to unwind! You rock Corky!

Jay said...

Damnit! Alicia beat me to the Office Space reference.

Anyway, I take a stroll through the my blogroll once in the morning and then around 10 pm CST after I post. You're free to post whenever you like, just so as you actually post.

Yasamin said...

don't get me started on the pains of being middle class damnit.

I'm sorry for being steadily neglectful of the blog this past week. its been a really hard week but i'm going to come back and invade with at least 2 comments a day like i used to when i was busy working. :p

when i had a job... before i even logged into our system, i was readin the log. ;)

now... i feel like a deadbeat mom.

Lady K said...

I gotta be honest, I only read like the header here. I read when I god damn well feel like it, and when I have time. Doesn't mean I love ya any less.

Bitch at work goes, or I go. I've just HAD it.

I'm working on my resume' this weekend. Damn, I really liked this job, too...

Touch Galileo7 for me, vicariously. No offense to Allyson! I just hope he kicks. ;-)

Michael C said...

Man does that sound like me week and to top it off, I get my annual review tomorrow after kinda going toe to toe with my boss today. Woo hoo, should be a great time!

I get my Corky fix at night, the only time I seem to be able to blog!

Anonymous said...

Oh, Corky. Is that you? I didn't know you had a blog!
WOW this is awkward. Well I will try to stop by every now and then.

live long and prosper

Nosjunkie said...

Since I have only recenlty started reading your blog I release myself of the responibility of reporting my routine.
will let you know a little latter

etain_lavena said...

BBBBZZZZZZZZ...there comes the huge world chocolate Al Capitan......YOU MATTER....your the only person I rever to as AL Capitan(after my fav know I like my party party drink) to be on the same level is like KING status in my world!....I read your log in diffrent ways.....and when there is no new post I get all soppy eyes and sad.....So who the man YOU the man, peace out AL CAPITAN!

captain corky said...

Heidi: I know you speak your mind and I like what you have to say!

Alicia: I also like to drink coffee while reading blogs but right now I'm having a couple of glasses of Andre Champagne. 4.99 a bottle. My weekend just started and I need to relax a little. I'm very proud of this fact and have been posting it as a comment everywhere.

Bar: That's sounds like a really nice way to relax. PS. I really like the new Poetry blog.

Jay: I check in on your blog usually in the morning. You've been writing some really funny stuff lately.

Yas: It's been a pretty rough week for most of us I think. Let's enjoy the weekend.

Lady: I will. If you were here right now I would offer you a glass of Andre. It's warming my ears as type this.

Michael: Do we work for the same company? MY review is coming up in the next 10 days or so.

Birdman: I don't really remember you. Can you remind me of how I know you again?

Nosjunkie: I'm glad you're coming around! Posting at 6:00 am Corky time is a great way to start.

Etain: I'll try to post more frequently so you wont cry. And I like being compared to a King, like Budweiser for example.

Metal Mark said...

I was watching "City on the edge of forever" last night. Not just because you can see Uhura's underwear in that episode either. Well, okay maybe that did have something to do with it. I normally look at your blog in the morning.

Lady K said...

Okay...I finally took time to really read. Usually for me it's when I get up in the morning.

Your office needs to lighten up. Who the fuck cares that much about SHOES? Personally, I think I'm gonna wear my "winnie the pooh" slippers to work today. If Miss Muffet can get away with what she's doing, then why not, right? LOL

furiousBall said...

After I post to my own blog, I go through my live bookmarks every morning (around 9:30ish EST)

Corky time comes right after Kevin Charnas' blog

RockDog said...

I check your blog every weekday mid-morning, right after my regularly scheduled release. Sometimes I have coffee, but today I am drinking water while reading.

The Lone Beader said...

I like to read while I have my morning tea. =:)

Biddie said...

If it's a week day, I usually say good bye to the kids, and then check in with you. No coffee, just Corky.

Anonymous said...

corky -
i read whenever i need a dose of louisville (which is a lot lately) or whenever i'm missing my favorite married couple (which is even more lately). you keep me connected and for that you rock!
tell allyson hi for me as well as baby corky.

Steven Novak said...

Sneakers to work...sigh...that's's idiotic. ;)

*smacks you across the top of the head*


Aunt Jackie said...

I would also like to add to the Office Space reference by saying that you should also bring fish to work and gut them on your desk, while blaring "Damn it feels good to be a gangsta" from your pc speakers. Then take Lumberg's coffee cup and pour it down the front of his pants. :)

I love my dose of the Log (say nothing there Rock Dog), and I read you every day. I check it sometimes twice on weekends when I have time my fairly new blog friend!

kat said...

My time of day is inconsistant but thanks to a terrible case of OCD, the blogs I read are separated into catagories on my computer and when I have time to read them I click on the catagories. You are in the "weird guy blogs" folder.

Weird is COMPLIMENTARY just so you know.

Ms. Tuesday said...

Well, your sitemeter says that you statistically have the most weekday readers in the 5pm hour.

I however, typically check the Log weekdays around 7:45am when I get to work and then either on my lunch break around noon or on my prep around 2:30... or sometimes both when Im stalking some particularly juicy commenting. =) Weekends are a crapshoot really.

I check all the blogs on my roll in order when I log on, so that means you're usually first, followed by Birdy. Sorry Birdman... Corky posts more often!

captain corky said...

Mark: Great episode. Easily one of the top 5 episodes of all time.

Laky K: Go for it, but I don't think I'll be wearing sneakers to work again anytime soon. Besides my salary review is coming up within the next week or so.

Furiousball: Thanks for checking in man. I finally hunted down your blog!

Rockdog: I hope you wash your hands before clicking over.

Beader: Tea and Corky make a very relaxing combination.

Biddie: I like your schedule but I think you should tweak it by eliminating saying goodbye to the family. That way you can join me earlier. ;)

Erika: Thanks. We miss you too. Hopefully we'll get to see you real soon. PS. Louisville is overrated. :)

Steve: That's basically what my boss said. Maybe you guys share a brain.

Jackie: I shamefully admit it's been a long time since I've seen that movie. I should probably check it out again.

Kat: I like being in that category. I like weird. It suits me.

Tuesday: I never even look at that silly old sitmeter... I always forget that I have it until you remind me. And I'm glad that you check on me before the Birdman because if you checked on the Birdman first that would be like a person preferring Grease over Grease 2, and we both know that makes no sense.

HoosierGirl5 said...

Hi Corky....
On weekdays I usually don't get to you until after school. In the mornings before school I just don't have time...I barely have time to check my e-mail.
I DO check you and Birdman every day. How often do you check me?

I wear tennies to work EVERY day, but only because I have to wrestle with someone almost every day. (sigh)

Pixie said...

Corky you are the best!!!!

Beefcake Almighty said...

I usually take my cup o' Cap'n right after my bowl of Cap'n Crunch.

Next time you go to work, show up naked covered in fake blood and carrying an axe. Nobody will give you a lecture after that!

I'm here to help.

Tod said...

Well I used to check my favourite blogs and yes, yours is one of them, when I got to work at eight thirty with a cup of tea. But now my screen faces the Boss's office doorway I have to do sporadic hit and reads during the course of the day. Is is most unsettling.

Big Pissy said...

Even though I don't work full time, things can get a little crazy here at the I don't have a "normal" time of day for checking out the log.

Just rest assured that I do check on you at least once a day. ;-)

Hail, Corky!

Aunt Jackie said...

I would just like to comment that I can't stand Jerry Seinfeld. I love the show but I mean look at him!!! Makes you wanna bash him with a crowbar... lol Sorry, rant over.

Sunshine said...

Um....are you dissing on Grease 2?? Wha?????
Maxwell Caulfield, Michelle Pfeiffer, COOL RIDER, and how many people can dance with bowling balls I ask you, HOW MANY????

Must go....blood pressure rising.

Chucky said...

I stop by like...umm...Yeah I don't know the word I'm looking for.

So I'll leave you with this..

I like soup.

and getting a lecture is lame. But I end up saying what I think at work, and that doesn't always work out too.

etain_lavena said... daily fix aint new;)

The Adult in Question said...

I read your blog on mondays during Design to Repress and production software because it bores the shit outta me and you are way more entertaining then Photoshop.