Wednesday, July 25, 2007


I don't think Max understands my schedule yet. I generally like to write three posts a week. Sunday night/Monday morning, Tuesday night/Wednesday morning, and Thursday night/Friday Morning. Sometimes I'll throw an extra post up on Saturday morning before I scrub the toilet or clean out my tackle box. The kid is almost three weeks old already. He should be able to grasp how important it is that I get these posts out in a timely manor. By 9:00 am people are stuffing their faces with Pop Tarts, drinking coffee and ready to get their bi-daily Corky fix. I can't let down the masses. People count on me!

I bet you can't even remember what your life was like before you invited me into your hearts. You probably felt very lonely and empty. Trust me folks, I understand. If you would like, feel free to write a testimonial about how much your life has changed, in a positive way, since you've come to know and love me.

The other bit of business I have today concerns something Jay wrote on Sunday over at Cynical Bastard. At the end of his Sunday night post, after talking about Harry Potter, he posed this question to his readers, "So what do you think? Superpowers .... or ... Magical Powers?" It was almost unanimous, everyone but yours truly, picked Magic Powers. So I want to hear how you guys feel about this. Don't let your passion for Ron Weasley cloud your judgement folks! Here's the thing, if Magic wins over here I'm going to devote my next post to Green Lantern's Power Ring, and then maybe you'll understand.

Don't forget to write your testimonial folks!


Lady K said...

I'm going with Superpowers, although it would be nice to wave a magic wand and have everything done.

Nancy said...

Magical, hands down ... the endless possibilities and a much more romantic sound.

Nonny said...

Until I met Corky, or "Blog God" as I often refer to him, when discussing his wisdom and humor among the uninformed, my blogging was empty. Sure, I enjoyed it, but Corky blew the roof off blogging. He came in like a pop culture tornado and destroyed everything I thought I knew about blogging. The fact that he's now sired an offspring gives me hope for the future of blogging.

And magical powers obviously. Plus, the Green Latern is lame.

karma lennon said...

Superpowers of course! Way cooler things to be done with those!

Nonny said...

Notice how I'm the only one who is following your instructions? I deserve a prize or something.

captain corky said...

Lady K: Good choice. You may come in for a beer.

Nancy: Poor choice, but I like you so you may come in for a beer too.

Nonny: Thank you for the testimonial and for having a sense of humor. I'm going to be making and ordering bumper stickers for the log soon and I'll send you the first one!

P.S. Poor choice, but we can still be friends and you can come in for a shot of whiskey.

P.P.S. I'm sure you would rather have the Force than either Superpowers or Magic, but that's a debate for another post.

Karma: Great choice. Please come in and have a beer with me.

mjd said...

How Corky Has Changed My Life...The Beginning With this title, there can be a sequel.

Before I met Corky, my blog life was listless without piazzaz. And when I met Corky, at Sunshine's Blog Prom in May, I still gazed in admiration from afar. As fate sometimes works wonders, Sunshine put us together (so to speak)in her roster of guest bloggers in June. The inimitable Corky graciuosly visited my blog leaving clever comments, and I began daily checking his blog. Thus, my blogging adventure continues daily checking Corky's blog to read his unsurpassed daily entries... oh, and to look for more pictures of Max and the daily Max news. By the way, the current title of my guest post on Sunshine's blog, There Is More Than Corn in Indiana is in honor or Corky's stimulating guest post in June titled Corn.

Superpowers...which seems more scientific.

captain corky said...

MJD: Beautifully written! Brings a tear to my eye.

Can I offer you a drink?

Biddie said...

What can I say? Corky IS my inspiration. I can't start my day until I read his blogs and look at his smiling face. (that IS you, right, Cork?)He IS the wind beneath my wings.
My life was empty, meaningless, and I was a shiftless bum. Now look at me. It's all because of Corky.
(wiping tears from my eyes)
Um, MAGIC powers, of course. I think I mentioned before that Aquaman is the coolest super hero. Green Lantern? I can't see HIM filling out a speedo quite the same way. :)

Tink said...

"Magical, for sure" says the fairy.

Come on. You saw that coming.

Jenny! said...

Well, wiht get a wand...and you know wands can also come in handy for...well you know! But the outfits are much better on, because I LOVE you SO much...I will say Superpowers!

Webmiztris said...

I don't follow Harry Potter, but I sure hope the kid gets his act straightened up pronto. ;)

Debs said...

Magic is my vote. But both would be way cool.

I first starting visiting "the log" no too long ago...getting the latest on Max. I am a sucker for little babies.

I just want to know..Corky do you have a Captain's chair that you blog from? Is it cool looking like Kirk's?

captain corky said...

Biddie: Extremely touching testimonial. I'm very flattered. Would you like to come in for some Vodka? And what you mean Magic?

Tink: You are the exception to the rule. It only makes sense that you picked magic. Care to come in for a cocktail?

Jenny: Great choice woman! Care for a drink my dear?

Webmiztris: I'm sure he'll get on board soon. Glad your back. :) Care to light one up with me out back?

Debs: My Captain's chair isn't bad, but it's not nearly as brilliant as Kirk's. What's your poison Debs?

Anonymous said...

Of all the self indulgent, ego stroking things I have ever seen....

captain corky said...

But that makes no sense...How do you figure? Care to come in for an Ice Tea?

Tod said...

I think Corky's Log is the biggest baddest thing on the planet. But then I like The Amazing Race too so I may not be the best judge.

I would have to say I would choose magic powers over super ones as they can be varied. With super powers you kind of get stuck with just the one power and knowing my luck it would be something really lame.

Though I must say that the Green Lanterns Power Ring certainly got my attention! ;)

Biddie said...

I'm always up for some Vodka...

captain corky said...

Tod: I think I can win you over with the Power Ring, and the way it's starting to look I have a feeling my next post is going to be about the Green Lantern. I know I can count on you to come in for a drink or two.

Biddie: Vodka is our drink of choice. A drink for you, on the house!

Gina said...

When Corky asked me to dance over at Sunshine's Prom, I wasn't sure because I knew at least one of us was married. But I said, to hell with wedding vows and I met one of the most awesome bloggers on the planet. Since then, we just try to ignore our mutual attraction. Oh, but wait, I don't like to camp and he likes to fish, so there never would have been any hope for us anyway. But still, he's a great guy. And I like him even though he is shameless in getting people to puff his head up with conceit.

Oh, and I need an explanation for The Green Lantern. Hubba-hubba also loves him, and he explained to me that he is powerless against the color yellow. Is that right? Is it possible for a man in a banana suit to render him useless? Or a man even holding a banana? I couldn't get a straight answer.

Oh, and magic.

Told ya we would never work out! ;)

captain corky said...

Gina: I've always believed that conceit was a virtue. Do you think I'm off base with my belief? I also think that under different circumstance we could have made sweet music together. Oh yeah baby.

And Sadly it's true...A man in a yellow banana suit could theoretically defeat The Green Lantern in combat.

her indoors said...

Been blogging for a year,
before I found his blog.
The blog of who I hear you ask,
of course the Captain's log.
I had often wondered over,
from other blogs I knew,
but with the fear of his superpowers,
I would quickly run and disappear.
But when i saw that Corky
had produced a gorgous lad,
I knew that I would start to stay
So stay here I sure have!

I want to say magical powers, but I want a drink too!
so for you i will say superpowers
and for that i will need two

Jay said...

Before I discovered Corky's Log I was just another pathetic drunk with no direction in life. I drank to remember and drank to forget. One day, in my drunken stupor I stumbled upon the Log and my life changed immediately.

Now, I'm much more socially acceptable. I get up each morning and actually put on clean clothes because I do my laundry again. I don't start drinking until noon so that I can be as clear headed as possible when I come by for a dose of daily Corky wisdom.

The changes in my life have been amazing. I'm saving lots of money on bottles of Tequila by not pouring it over my Honey Nut Cheerios each morning. Although I do have a couple of shots with my pop tarts that I have for lunch. And I'm consuming almost one whole less bag of Cheeze Doodles too. And I owe it all to Corky.

In other news I think I'll take magical powers. It's a tough call. There are great things about each, but magical powers just have so much potential to say no too.

Jenny! said...

As long as its stiff!

MyUtopia said...

What a cute baby!

kat said...

I'm sorry - don't hate - but I have to go with Magic Powers. It just covers more. With Super Powers yeah it's great and all but it's like people have maybe one or two specialties. Theres a limit. With Magic Powers... i don't know. It's more vast. It's almost limitless what you can do.

Camplin said...

Magic, because magic would be also the pursue of knowledge and skills. Lots of reading and training. One would have to go to a school, as a lifetime student, this appeals to me.

Anonymous said...

Jenny when you say things like that, you know where my mind goes....

Pink said...

Magic. Sorry Corky.

Before I met the Corkster, I was nothing. I was a shell of a human being. Just a pink puff ball of nothingness. I had no life, I was pinky no mates.

Then I met Corky and he taught me everything good about life.

He taught me about television and scrubby bubbles and superheros. He taught me about how to get high on coffee and that a good way to get feedback after sex was to construct a wooden comments box and hang it on your bed post.

Without Corky I'd be nothing again. I live for his posts.

(this has been a paid endorsement for the stroke Corky's ego foundation)

Big Pissy said...

I WAS going to write a testimonial....then I read Nonny's.

I TOTALLY agree with her.

When you decide to become 'Corky, Inc', you should hire her as director of your Public Relations Dept.

p.s. please post a picture of Max everyday. I love him already. Thank you. :)

captain corky said...

Her Indoors: Very endearing! For you I pour two drinks and both are on the house. ;)

Jay: Glad I can inspire to only spending half your day drinking. Have you ever read a blog after drinking a beer? Two great tastes that taste great together. Keep coming back Jay, and how about a nice shot of Tequila minus the lemon and salt.

Jenny: Of course It's stiff!

Myutopia: Thanks. For that you get to drink for free. ;)

Kat: You get a pass on magic too. I've seen you in your Magickat outfit. ;) You too get to drink for free. Vodka for Kat!

captain corky said...

Camplin: Thanks for stopping by the log. Can I pour you a complimentary drink, or get you a coffee perhaps?

Birdman: You dirty bird.

Pink: Thank you for your continued support. Don't forget I also taught you how to spell Super Heroin. ;)
Drink, Pink?

Pissy: I think I'm going to pour you a Long Island Ice Tea. Now that you've experienced New York I think you're ready. ;)

Ashley said...

I'm telling you-a winning approach to always feature pictures of an adorable Max! He may hate you down the road for it, but that will take years.

I vote super powers. Superheroes always seem way cooler. Plus, the girls have phenomenal bodies. It wouldn't really matter what my power was if I looked like a female superhero!

Cazzie!!! said...

Magic wins me over

nikki said...

Ok, something kiss ass goes here, but I'm not sure what. Oh yeah, this blog/log rules and I keep coming back to try to understand the DC comics obsession. (Actually, that's not far from the truth. I followed over here from Sunshine's blog and got sucked in).

Anyway, super powers ARE magical. And Green Lantern has NEITHER. Originally the ring was magic. And ultimately anyone can wear it with the right will power. Basically, Green Lantern is nothing more than a magical item on a guy (or girl) with a green suit. NOT a super hero.

Anyway, I pick super magic. and I don't drink so I don't care about the beer anyway.

Pink said...

NO! no more stiff belts. They squeeze.

Crashdummie said...

I’d normally say magical powers after just ahev finishing reading the 7th Potter book and realizing me having a crush for Harry is ok – his parents where killed 1981, meaning he’s older than me – yey!!!

But I think I adore you so I’d say: Duuh, superpowers, what else, what a stupid question! Seriously, I still haven’t grown out of my superhero fixation… and never will.

abbagirl74 said...

I'm finally going to see the movie tomorrow. I will say magical powers.

Lady K said...

Okay, hold up here...does it count that I have a lot on my plate right now and no time to write a "real" testimonial? I get up early every day so I can visit your site because it HAS become a part of my life. AND I'm already shopping for early editions of comic books for Max. So there :-P

I'm not testy or anything, I'm just sayin' ... LOL

Queen of Dysfunction said...

Magical all the way, because then I could get my kids to stop pestering me for food and stuff and my posting schedule would improve greatly.

mjd said...

Thanks, in earlier days, I would have said "Cutty on the rocks." Now, I stick to Amber O'Doul's. You would be surprised the buzz that you can catch from .05% alcohol.

RockDog said...

I would like the ability to become invisable. When you have Magic or Super powers everyone will expect you to "help" them. Thats the same reason why I dont own a truck...

Canadian flake said...

OK this is wayyyyyyy too funny..laughing so hard here I spit soda all over my

Ok first to the testimonial..come on now Cork,,ya know I love ya...I mean any man who has the sense to realize what a wise man James T Kirk was AND makes such a gorgeous lil Max...well you are amazing...and of course, I always enjoy your are very witty and knowledgeable...and so hilariously nieve about what is in your future thanks to Max...hee hee hee.

Concerning magic vs super powers...I mean come onnnnnn dude it is no contest...magicians are all smoke and mirrors...but Superman can stop a speeding bullet AND save the world... SUPER POWERS contest!!!!

Jenny! said...

Birdman IS a perv! I knew it...I was purely talking about scotch...and you, took it somewhere else! Anyway...I don't like my stiff...I prefer rock hard!

HoosierGirl5 said...

I like to read Corky's log, even if he has never invited me to his apartment or to see the baby, even if I only live about 20 minutes away and my school is right by the very long road he lives on, but it doesn't hurt my feelings, really it doesn't.....

but I still like to read Corky's log.


The Artist formerly Known as Purpleworms (!) said...

Corky - get that kid in line! We truly can not function without you! I'm with Nikki regarding Greenlantern and MAGICKAL POWERS, Magical gives it all to you. Super leaves you stuck with a single talent!! Go for diversity! (Of course on the other hand, limits are more challengng and thus more interesting reading!)

furiousBall said...

I'm with you Cork - superpowers. I like that the superpowers are yours, you own them - you know?

What A Crock said...

I'm goin with magical powers to give me super powers.


and yeah... you've been gettin no sleep have you? ;p

kids are fun. haha


I'm all for superpowers..magic is just trickery.

So, Baby C isn't adapting to your schedule? Welcome to the world of parenting. Just wait until #2 comes along..
than you'll have to hire someone to maintain your postings for you.
Hope it's all going well, and you're getting some much needed sleep.
I know what you guys are going through. After all, I was "dumb" enough to do it three times.
(yeah, yeah, I said "do it..")


Enemy of the Republic said...

Magical, oh Corky one!

Enemy of the Republic said...

Oh, before I discovered Corky's Log, I thought there were only Star Wars blogs. It is good to see respect for the Enterprise! And like Jay, I was a hopeless drunk. But I still like Jack Daniels with Trix!

Michael C said...

Superpowers all the way!!

madame x said...

I like Captain Corky because he never has any spelling errors.... and he's never posted a youtube video of William Shatner performing 'Rocket Man'....

David said...

I have gotten by just fine with my Magical Powers so far in life. What do I need Super Powers for?

Heart Of Darkness said...

Yes, kids can be so selfish and inconsiderate... that's why I don't have any, because I'm already the selfish and inconsiderate person in the hosuehold, I don't need someone make me run for my crown! LOL

jAMiE said...

Superpowers all the way....that's what all the cool people choose and i want to be cool!

captain corky said...

Cazzie: I still love you anyway. Care for a drink?

Nikki. I'm really into team books. Like the Justice League, Justice Society, All Star Squadron, Legion of Super Heroes, and X-men etc.

Don't worry about not drinking alcohol. We serve soft drinks, coffee and water here at this bar too. Anything you want Marvel girl. ;)

Pink: You dirty girl, you.

Crashdummie: "I still haven’t grown out of my superhero fixation… and never will."

That gives me hope Crashy. Can I call you that? ;)

captain corky said...

Lady K: Because you're busy you don't have to write a testimonial. And I'm glad we've become such good friends.

Queen of Dysfunction: Some magic would be great to help me out with this blog. Good point. what can I get you?

MJD: MY mom gets drunk off that stuff too. I should probably drink that stuff too, but I just can't say no to Smirnoff.

Rockdog. Now I know I can count on you to drink at least a sixer of Bud.

Canadian Flake: "and so hilariously nieve about what is in your future thanks to Max...hee hee hee."

Whatever do you mean? I've already picked out his friends, a career and his home. Right next store to mine. ;)

Jenny: Birdman is a big time Perv!!! I on the other hand am a saint. ;)


you talking to me? :)

captain corky said...

Hoosiergirl5: We'll have to rectify that soon. What kind of coffee would you like?

Purpleworms: I'm doing my best, to whip this kid in shape, but it's going to take me some time. Do you have any good magic spells?

Furiousball: I knew I could count on you my friend. Drink?

What a Crock: Sleep? What's that?

Crustybeef: He's been a good boy lately. Can I offer you a glass manischewitz?

captain corky said...

Enemy of the Republic: Can you believe that I like both Star Wars and Star Trek? Is that even allowed?

Michael C: Great choice my friend!!!

Madame X. I've never mispelled a word in my life. :)

David: I guess you don't. Still, being able to life a building would be cool. Can I offer you a Sprite?

Heart: I'm pretty selfish too, but there's a new sheriff in town. ;)

Jamie: Great choice. Maybe wings and flight?

Debs said...

I have my coke, just add some rum to it ;)

Christie said...

I'm all over magic. Super powers are cool, and I would totally be Wonder Woman, but can she clean a house with a magic wand WHILE reading Family Fun magazine, all while cooking dinner? I don't think so. Accio laundry basket. Aloh hamora at the liquor store. Come's all about the magic baby.

And no, babies do not understand the importance of anything but eating, shitting, and sleeping. I couldn't even go pee without one of them interrupting me. I don't miss that part of having babies in the house.

nikki said...

I just had this conversation out loud (super power vs magical power). I have to change my answer. I don't know the real answer. Harry Potter style magic power where you can do whatever you want as long as you know how is good. But think of all the other books that have magic. Xanth books by Piers Anthony is my favorite in that genre. Well, those powers can just suck. There is no way to tell if you will get a good power. But, honestly the same can be said for super powers. But I still say that not all super heroes have super powers. (Batman and Green Lantern for example)

Ray Van Horn, Jr. said...

By Emerald Light, brother...


thanks for the offer of the GM..I'll have to pass-but feel free to send one to my M.i.L! :)
Now, Kedem,..I'm all for!

TB said...

Ha! These babies really do cramp our blogging style don't they? Our son is 13 weeks old. I read the story of Max's birth and I can totally relate. We had some drama at birth as well but all is fine now and as you know, Myles even goes off-shore fishing. Gotta get 'em started early.