Sunday, January 27, 2008

Super Bowl

Can Eli and the Giants win the Super Bowl next Sunday? That's the question that I'll be entertaining all week via sports talk radio, email, schmuck on the street, annoying co-worker, wife, son, and even stripper. It doesn't matter, I'll listen to any assholes opinion.

Other things that are on my mind this week: Nothing.

So who do you think is going to win the Super Bowl? And if you don't care, what's wrong with you?

I'm not sure that Max cares about the Super Bowl, but I'm willing to forgive that. For now...


Sunshine said...

This will give me some Corky demerits, but I don't find pro football nearly as exciting as college, so I don't follow it.

But I still love Star Trek, does that count?????????

Bonnie Blue said...

Oh I hope hope hope Eli can bring it home. I loathe Tom Brady and I hope he gets sacked on the first drive and injured so he can't play the rest of the game. Did I say that? I guess I did. Down with NE! The cheaters don't deserve it and it would be so nice to see the Giants be the ones to bring em down.

But, I really have no opinion on the topic.

Jay said...

Patriots ... 44
Giants ..... 17

pilgrimchick said...

Being in New England, I would be immediately mobbed and my home would be burned down if I didn't wave the flag for the home team on this one.

abbagirl74 said...

OMG! That boy changes his looks every picture. Too cute!

captain corky said...

Sunshine: That counts for everything around here. ;)

Bonnie Blue: But seriously, how do you really feel? ;) We hate the golden boy too.

Jay: You've been picking those bastards all season long, and every week they win! What's your system? ;)

Pilgrimchick: I can't really blame you for that. ;)

Abbagirl74: Thanks! Milk really does a baby good. :)

Dana said...

Giants 24
Patriots 20

I always cheer for the underdog!

But with that Max pic, who cares about the Superbowl??

Casdok said...

Being in the UK can i be let off the Super bowl thing question?!
Wow Max is growing fast!!

RockDog said...

As much as I am not a fan of Eli and the Giants I fucking hate the Patriots and their cocky, arrogant fans. Reminds me of the Red Sox and their fans.

Go Big Blue!

HAR said...

They said the Giants couldn't take Green Bay either.
I am with Bonnie Blue 100%

I LOATHE Tom Bardy and the cheatin Patriots.

Melissa said...

The new Max picture is TOO TOO cute!!!! :-)

Will there be another video installment soon?

And, the Giants are going to kick some Patriot ass next weekend!!!

Biddie said...

Sorry, I really DON'T care, but OMG, look at that smile.
No matter how sad I am, seeing his lil face, that huge grin, always cheers me up :)

Patti said...

That is one adoreable kid, Corky.

And the Super Bowl? I'm boycotting until my Lions make it there. Yeah, it's pretty much a guaranteed lifetime boycot. Now I'm a little sad.

Oh, and I think the Giants will take it by 3. :)


Giants on the over by 7.
Great Pic of lil Max....doesn't it seem like yesterday he was born?
So adorable!
Green is his color too!

Christie said...

I'm with Max, I could give 2 shits. I don't know who's in it and I don't care.

Cheryl said...

I'm a Super Bowl commercial watcher, I'll admit. I hope the right team wins. How's that for neutrality?

Joshua said...

Yeah, I might not even watch it.

Burfica said...

I think the Bronco's are gonna win, oh wait they aren't in the supe....FUCK!!! okay I don't care then. Although I'm really not fond of New York, I have no opinion other wise.

I would cheer for any team that was an animal name if I had no opinion but dammit neither of them are.

So...I'm gonna make an amazing dip, have left over birthday mexican food, and watch all the commercials. hehehehehe

Nancy said...

I always watch the super bowl ... mostly for the commercials and mostly because I go to a sports bar because ... it's guaranteed fun and the the ratio of men to women is usually 3-1

Lil Corkster is growing so fast! He has to be the happiest baby!

Ashley said...

I may have to check myself in for some help. We need to find out what is wrong with me because I really don't care. I think I am in favor of rooting against the Pats, though, so I guess I will go with the Giants.

Emmeline said...

Well I want the Giants to win because I hate the Patriots. But the Patriots are very good. So I'm afraid Eli won't be able to hack it. We'll just have to see. Let's hope it's a good game, at any rate, right?


Guilty Secret said...

What's wrong with me is that I'm British. I'm interested in the ads though... does that help?

Professor J said...

The Cowboys? Not much of a fan, but (along with guilty secret) I always look for the ads.

Heather said...

I am so sick of the lead up to the Super Bowl. Play the f'n game already. SERIOUSLY, do you have to show the Patriots plane landing in Glendale 50 times on Sportscenter???? WHO CARES.

Patriots, unfortunately, are going to kill the Giants. But I'll still watch and hope. Because if all else fails, at least I'll get to watch some excellent commercials.

nikki said...

I don't care, as long as the Patriots lose.

eric said...

i haven't kept up for the first time in what seems like ever. i don't hate the patriots, but i'm a dolphins fan ... so i think i'm in denial that the perfect season will be sullied.

captain corky said...

Dana: I usually go for the AFC, but I just can't this year. I despise the Patriots.

Casdok: I guess so... ;) Every time I turn around he's doing something new. I'm having trouble keeping up.

Rockdog: Yeah, New England needs to be put in it's place. Except for Cape Cod. That place is ok.

Har: I Double LOATHE Brady too.

Melissa: Yeah, I plan to post a video soon. There's a desperate cry for more Max content. ;)

captain corky said...

Biddie: I'll have to post more pics of Max. We need you smiling all the time. ;)

Patti: Thanks! And Gulp! Good luck with the Lions. ;)

Crusty: A lot of green in his 6 to 9 months clothes. Maybe Spring has something to do with it. ;)

Christie: Siding with Max on anything always wins favor with me. ;)

Cheryl: As long as you support the NFL that all that counts. Wait a minute... they aren't paying me to say shit like that. ;)

captain corky said...

Joshua: I have to watch. I can't get football out of my blood. I think Bill Parcels said something like that when he took the Miami job.

Burfica: Nice! All that food sounds great.

Nancy: You can't lose with a 3 to 1 ratio. Watch out for the creeps though. ;)

Ashley: Post football depression disorder has already kicked in for you? I started feeling it this week because of the bye week. I hate the bye week.

Emmeline: I can't take watching them win one more week, but I guess it's my lot in life. ;)

captain corky said...

Guilty: Have no fear, the NFL is bringing another regular season game to your find country in October I think. Welcome aboard mate! Mate's British, right? ;)

Professor J: I always appreciate a good beer advertisement. ;)

Heather: I know... I hate the fucking bye week.

Nikki: I'm going to pray to God that the Patriots lose. That should do the trick. ;)

Eric: I think the patriots are sucking the life out of all of us. I can't watch that smug fucker Brady hold up that trophy and I'm really tired of all the analysts standing in line, waiting their turn to suck Brady off. But besides that, I'm really looking forward to the Super Bowl.

katy said...

Eh, what and who? no pass on this one sorry!
but wont pass on Max, he is so adorable x x for Max

Leighann said...

Can I come over to hang out with Max during the game? He's so stinkin cute!

Real Live Lesbian said...

Could he BE any cuter? Max, not Eli.

Who's Eli? ;D

The Mama Bear said...

Well, as it isn't going to be the Packers there to kick the Patriot backsides, Eli better be able to pull it off.
Get Max a football man, he'll figure it out.
Strippers????? Do I want to know?
Does your wife know?
What would Max think?
Okay no more lecture...Go Giants!
The Mama Bear

whimsicalnbrainpan said...


Pink said...

The giants'll never win.

I'm going for the Rangers!

Metal Mark said...

I am not a fan of either team, but don't really hate either team. I think the Giants are hot right now and they are peaking while the Pats peaked back in the mid-fall. However, I was bothered by the Giants missed scoring opportunities last week at GB. I think it will be a game because the Giants defense is tough. However, I don't think they can hang with all of the offensive weapons the Pats have for 60 minutes. I'm also not convinced that Eli Manning won't go back to his former pick throwing self. Pats by 7.

Canadian flake said...

ummmmmmm would I be forgiven if I admitted that I hate football but plan on spending the entire weekend watching Star Trek episodes??? lol

leslie said...



If you can eat two large ELFAMOUS BURRITO'S thane he'll gain his ring..

Damn it,I only ordered 100 wings for the game day..shoot!
How's that for a Crusty move?

TheBirdman33 said...

I hate the Patriots just slightly more than I hate the Giants. Basically, every team that Bill Parcells put his stink on turns my stomach...but this will be the only time you find me routing for the NFC.

I dont think its gonna happen though.

DJ Kirkby said...

Max. Is. Adorable!

Gina said...

I'm going to a SuperBowl party, but I don't really care about the football. I'm just going for the food.

Should I bring shortribs or queso dip with chips? I'm trying to decide.

Princess Pointful said...

I'm going to use the Canadian thing as an out this time around... and plead the hockey excuse.

captain corky said...

Katy: Bonus points for kisses to Max. ;)

Leighann: Sure! Don't forget my beer. ;)

Real Live Lesbian: LOL! Eli is definitely not cute. His nose is really big. Probably been broken a couple of times.

The Mama Bear: Did I type strippers? I meant Boy Scouts. ;)

Whim: Agreed! Usually I pull for the AFC, but not this time.

captain corky said...

Pink: Isn't that league still on strike along with the Writers?

Metal Mark: It will be the biggest upset of all time if the Giants can pull it off. I hope they do, but I doubt it.

Flake: A very good alternative. I highly recommend the original series. ;)

Leslie: Apparently that's all Max wanted for Christmas. ;)

Crusty: How many people are you having? Now I'm hungry. ;)

captain corky said...

Birdman: I don't think so either, but I like Manning and the Giants defense enough to pull for them.

DJ Kirkby: Thanks! We can't get enough of his smile and his laugh. ;)

Gina: Shortribs sound so goooood, but so does queso dip. What a dilemma. ;)

Princess: Hockey??? Never heard of it. ;)

Cazzie!!! said...

Little boys make me, he is so gorgeous :)

jAMiE said...

I know nothing about football but i have a feeling the Patriots are going to win...but who cares, pass the snacks and bring on the commercials!

ps...the smile...and he looks ever-so-handsome in green!

mjd said...

This is one of my favorite Max pictures. As you might remember, I do not care for football, but I like snacks so I will be watching on Sunday. Eugene Wilson, one of the Patriots, used to play at our local high school so maybe I will half-heartedly cheer for the Patriots.

Palm Springs Savant said...

Pats get it by 15

Ashley said...

The house looks great. Your painting looks great, too! The color in the dining room was very pretty.