Thursday, July 22, 2010

Road Rage

My commute to work lately has become hazardous to my health. The stretch of I-10 that I travel daily seems to be a leave-your -brain-behind-when-you-drive-here zone. On my way home the other evening, I had the good fortune to be stuck in the left (passing, according to state law) lane, behind a white F-150 with a TX plate and EMERGENCY RESPONSE on the tailgate. He was doing close to the speed limit, keeping pace with the car two lengths ahead of him in the right lane. After three miles or so, I indicated to the operator of the vehicle my desire to pass, with a quick flicker of my high beams. He flipped me the bird!

I got over, pulled beside him, rolled down my window and gestured the universal What the Fuck? sign (two hands up). He gave me the finger again! Luckily I was driving my wife's car; otherwise, I would have pitted the stupid son of a bitch and introduced him to Bayou D' Inde. I wonder how he might respond to that.

The day before yesterday I was headed to work in the rain just after sunrise. I had a full head of steam going up the I-210 bridge when, all of a sudden, I came up on a car in the left lane with no lights on easing its way at 40 mph. I missed it by inches, then I noticed his LA tag read RAM ###, then I realized that I was driving my truck! A fucking golden opportunity! Then I thought for a second about the trouble I might get in which would hurt my family, blah, blah, blah. I daydreamed about it instead; not very satisfying.

Off to work, now. Hope I can make it. Thanks for letting me share. One day at a time. Let go...


Dana said...

I gave up fighting stupid LONG ago. Stupid doesn't even know when it has lost!

captain corky said...

Fools here don't believe in signaling or traffic lights. Other than that traffic is almost non existent. At least compared to roads like the Capitol Beltway or the Garden State Parkway.

Burfica said...

I had really bad road rage for a while. When I was a late teen early 20's, I used to play "car games" my dad (highway patrolman) taught me and my sister little things to do to piss other drivers off. I used to do that all the time when they pissed me off. After I had a kid, I don't get as mad or upset anymore.

But you could come drive here, which is the top state in the nation for red light runners, and drive around the navajo's that don't believe in stopping at stop signs or red lights, or signaling, or looking in mirrors or over their shoulders.