Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Enjoying the Unbridled Spirit!

Kentucky does have many flaws which I will not get into here, but for all the feldercarb associated with KY, one thing this state does have is outside recreational fun at a premium.

I'm surrounded by woods and fish and once you remove alcohol, drugs, and  television I'd be perfectly happy spending the rest of my life  in the woods. Not cause I cant stand people and want to blow up mass quantities of them, it's because at 40 years old I still like to look under rocks and sit in front of water ways with multiple fishing poles for ridiculous hours at a time.

God, May you never remove my compulsion and desire to fish.
I took Max on a 23 hour camping trip a couple of weeks ago and it was really fun. The price to camp in the Jefferson Memorial Forest for a night is 15 bucks. Not bad. Pretty good. We set up our tent and then cooked dinner. Allyson and Ben came up to join us for dinner. They loved the food, and then 45 minutes later my wife drove off with Ben like a bat out of hell.

I guess 2011 will be known as the year Captain Corky rediscovered fresh air and the great outdoors. I also want to expose more of the outside world to my son mainly because when it got dark outside he told me that the campsite needed a light bulb and a television set. I would have been perfectly happy with an outlet so I could have charged my cellphone.

I wonder which Jefferson the forest is memorializing...


Charlene said...

The origin of the Forrest was memorializing WWII dead. The name comes from the county, The Jefferson County Memorial Forrest, where it is located. It is the largest municipal recreational area in the nation and is operated by the Louisville Metro Government.

captain corky said...

Thanks for the info, Charlene. Tom Wallace has pretty good fishing.

Drizel said...

Hey Al Capitan, missed your words. I am planning on being back for good. Yes best you take Max outdoors more, just now he ask where the remote is for the tree:) Hope your good.
HUGZ Etain