Monday, May 02, 2011

Summer Action Plan

As some of you know, I've been enrolled in university for almost a year now and my second semester is over. It's amazing how simple college is when you do all your work, show up to class, and kiss the professor's ass a little. I'm glad it's summer though. I need a break. I needs to clean my house and fish a lot more. With the next few months off I should have plenty of time to do both. I should also have a little time for my wife, kids, and work between fishing and cleaning.

I should be cleaning now and I did do a load of dishes, but I thought to myself it would be more fun to write about cleaning. Plus, I love looking at pictures of the fish Max and I catch so what better place to post pictures of them then on my homepage,

Fuck setting your homepage to facebook, google, or Aol. Make Corky's log your homepage and you wont miss anything! I never miss anything and it's obviously do to the fact that Corky's log is my homepage.

My plan is to dedicate a couple of hours in the afternoon to cleaning one specific room Tuesdays through Thursdays. Today I started with the kitchen, but tomorrow the plan really goes into affect. I hope by the end of the summer, and before the fall semester starts, to have the house clean and a freezer full of  fish. I know both are lofty goals, but I'm sure if I put the same dedication and effort that I have put into school the house will look smart, and my IQ will be higher thanks to all the fish.

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