Monday, May 16, 2011

"I have had anal intercourse with this many German Shepherds; praise Allah!"

Although I have no morbid desire to see the "death pictures" of Osama Bin-Laden, I still think the Obama administration should make them public. I don't buy the explanations or excuses the folks there have given us for not releasing them. They say releasing them will make it more difficult and dangerous for our soldiers in Afghanistan; the rationale, I think, is that tribal leaders there will be less likely to cooperate with us because of the disrespect releasing those photos would represent. I think we pretty much paid him the ultimate disrespect by putting a bullet (or two or three) in his head. Will anyone's "cooperation" really hinge on the (non-) release of pictures of the aftermath? Really???

Then they say that people will doctor the photos in bad ways that will piss the Muslims off and make them hate us and make them wage "Mega-Jihad" (patent pending) against us. So fucking what??? Those who are with us are with us; those who are not with us are against us. I want to poke all of the sorry-ass bastards who are against us in the eye at every turn, as hard as I can, just like they intend to do to us. Their hatred for us is provocation enough for me; we need to kill all of them before they kill or maim another one of us. There is no call or justification for treating them with kid gloves, soothing their egos or sucking the wind out of their asses while we toss their salads. Fuck them!

In the spirit of poking them in their eyes, I am going to start a web page for doctored Bin-Laden photos, much like the one with people's drawings of the "prophet." I will start it once I learn how to use my new computer, which should arrive today. In the meantime, take heart; they don't call us "the great Satan" for nothing; they know we ultimately will be their doom.

Allah bless America!

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Peter said...

What? You don't want to take sides? If you are an American (non-Muslim), then they have already put you on the other side. Wake up and drink the coffee!