Thursday, June 16, 2011

The History of Bleach

In 1913, Archie, Eddie, Charlie, Bill and Rufus invested a 100 bucks a piece and opened up the first bleach factory in the United States. I'm sure they're all dead now from inhaling bleach fumes, but I'll be eternally grateful to them for creating a cleaning product that has stood the test of time and is still being used to scrub grime and waste off of toilets all over the world.

On June 16th, 2011 I used Clorox Bleach to clean the kitchen and the bathroom. There was grime, grease, and dirt everywhere, but now there's not and I'm still alive to tell the tale.

The cool thing about using bleach to clean is that no matter what substance my hands comes across the rest of the day my fingers will still smell like sweet bleach. I'm sure if my cat, Fonzie had his way he'd be licking my fingers until I was bleeding, but I put his ass in the bedroom 
when I started cleaning cause he's a real freak for the shit. It's 
like crack to him or something.

Next room on my agenda will be the master bedroom. Obviously I'll
be using Pledge, and Windex in there (two other cleaning products I've become 
rather fond of over the years). 

After I get a good base cleaning done in the bedroom it will be time to tackle the basement 
and I'll have to bring out the big artillery. I'm not sure what the big artillery is, but I'll meditate on that over the weekend.

Until then,
Happy Cleaning.  

P.S. My wife came home from work and started to orgasm. Not from bleach, but from the cleanliness of the house.


Charlene said...

The secret to a woman's desire in regards her husband is housework. Men who say they can't get their wife to touch them would be sexually molested by her if they helped with the cleaning.

Peter said...

Noy true in my case. I get that "it's about time" look, little else. What a drag...

Mrs. Murphy said...

No amount of cleanliness can make a woman want to make love to someone who's been acting like a total jerk.

Peter said...

Stop playing on the computer and do some housework!

Peter said...

And you shouldn't air our dirty laundry here--oh, wait--might as well, cuz you sho ain't washing it...