Monday, June 06, 2011

Whip It Good

Swinging in the breeze

[WARNING:  Below links are unsafe for work and unsafe for men who are not confident with their masculinity.]

Wow.  Another day, another wayward phallus.

Baby's Arm

I guess if you are that proud of your package, you have the unrelenting urge to either stand on a street corner in a trench coat or hold your phone just... so in order to get the best angle of your dangle.

Elephant Trunk

In these hectic, nanosecond-attention-span times, one must use electronic media to call attention to their attributes - big, small, or OH MY GOD.

Magic Wand

Just peruse any city's Craiglist personals postings and you'll find your pick of a peck of pickled peckers. 

What A Bored Guy Does In His Cubicle

I am very tempted to compose a Craigslist ad requesting dick pics, minimum of 8 inches, with a ruler for proof. 

What A Bored Guy Does With Photoshop

You know what, I think I will.  I will then post the "results" elsewhere as to not sully Corky's collection of clown porn and Peter's collection of slutty nuns.

Forgive me Father Peter, for I have sinned.

Absolve me too, Captain Corky!


Charlene said...

I'm not that scandelized by this amusement men and some women partake in. The problem is attaching your real name to the pictures or sending them from an identifiable personal name or public e.mail.

Peter said...

Who told you about the slutty nuns? Did you hack into my Netflix account? You scare me.

Lieutenant Ilia said...

I just don't understand how men can think that looks hot. Penises are not good looking at all, in my opinion. And I'm the worst lesbian ever.

captain corky said...

I don’t find them particularly appealing either. Well, except for my own of course. I could devote an entire blog to The Adventures of Captain Corky’s Cock. But something tells me my mother wouldn’t find it very compelling.