Friday, July 15, 2011

Remember KISS?

Why not start your day off just right with a good old KISS song. For some reason this album looks very natural here. Maybe it's because if you went into my bedroom sometime in 1978 you would see KISS albums sprawled out all over my room. Don't worry about walking in on me if you time travel, I didn't start beating off till I was 14 or so.

Remember when the 1970s didn't seem that far away. Now they might as well have been the 1800s. I wonder if the 80s will feel like that in 10 years... probably not, because I spent that decade memorizing movies starring Michael J. Fox and Andrew McCarthy. I also spent a lot of time kicking a leather target.

Remember when 1990 wasn't 21 years ago? I was severely depressed during the 90s because Andrew McCarthy wasn't appearing in movies anymore and I didn't understand why. I got over it when I moved to Washington DC though. That was a fun town to live in.

Remember when I moved to Louisville in 2000 and the first person I met asked me if I wanted to go over to his house and get stoned? I told him no because I was gunning to become a supervisor at work and stoner boy treated me like I was a NARC for the remaining six months that we worked together. Can't remember the kid's name but he liked Metallica and smoking pot.

Remember last week when I went fishing with my kid. That was fun. We caught 5. One fish had a really fat head. I posted the pic on facebook and a kid named Neil asked me if I was going to eat it. Remember the two cups of coffee I had at work last night? Not bad.

Remember when my boss told me that she had a dream about work this morning?

That’s really all I remember. Sorry I couldn’t come up with more. If I remember anything else about my life I’ll be sure to write another post.

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