Tuesday, August 16, 2011

A Matter of Conscience?

I had an eerily realistic dream this morning that has put me in a bit of a quandary. I dreamt that I was out working in my yard when a neighbor passed by on foot and shouted, "Did you hear? They just shot Obama in Atlanta!" I ran inside and turned on the TV, and sure enough someone had busted some ATL cap in our honorable, venerable, cherished leader's dome. I woke up immediately and realized that it was only a dream, but it was on a par with other dreams I've had that have come true, so I am left here believing I've had some sort of premonition. I am not sure what (if anything) to do about it, so I'm putting it here in the hope that one or more of you will advise me or at least inspire me to figure out what the right thing to do may be.

First things first: I do not want to see this President assassinated; no good can come from that, even if the country plunges into racial civil war and we cull the flock by several million. It might therefore behoove me to sound some sort of alarm, but the first thing that'd happen then would be Feds all up in my business (and my family's). On the computer they would find some correspondence between Corky and me where I am not too kind about the President. One note questioned Barack Obama's qualifications to be President; it also cast doubt on his "street cred" by likening his time rabble-rousing on the south side of Chicago to Jane Goodall's stint at the Gombe Stream Reserve--at the end of the day Ms. Goodall was still a woman, and Mr. Obama was still an over-educated white-talking half-cracker who was raised by a "typical white person." It was clearly his skin color, not his street cred, that prompted so many inner-city black folks to vote for him at least once. [One could argue that promises of redistribution of wealth helped many make up their minds; the recent increase in urban flash mobs attacking and robbing people and stores convinces me that this redistribution of wealth apparently isn't happening fast enough for some of us.]

That all smacks of ignorant racist bigotry on my part; perhaps it is racial bigotry to an extent, but it certainly is not born of ignorance. Two experiences my wife had recently should illustrate clearly where my head is right now with respect to a certain element of our society. She was in line at a drive-thru; a group of ten or so young black men were hanging out nearby. One of them approached the driver's side window and aksed her, "Whatcha doin' tonight, Boo?" She rolled up her window and had to wait for him to walk away before she could complete her transaction. I was disappointed that she didn't point to our son in the back seat and tell him, "I'm going home to make another one of those!" The audacity and presumptuousness of the act appalled me; who would dare walk up to a complete stranger at a drive-thru window and try to hit her up for a date? It takes an arrogant fool with absolutely no sense of respect or propriety or decorum to pull a stunt like that!

The second incident was similar to the first. She was parked in a gas station parking lot, breastfeeding our baby; she was on her way to pick me up from our former housekeeper's new apartment, where I had just finished moving furniture, etc. A black man approached the driver's side and aksed, "Whatcha doin'?" She replied, "Breastfeeding..." He remarked, "So that's how you do it! Why don't you lift your shirt up so I can see your titties? Come on! I don't know you; you don't know me..." She rolled the window up and finished her business. It was just another WTF? moment--these guys actually expected to get some action with their approaches!

One of the problems racial purists have with America specifically and with our increasingly global society generally is the interbreeding happening in our time; it is unprecedented in its scope and scale. It used to be the purview of invading armies to spread seed in that fashion; now it's just another hook-up option. I benefitted from the mixing of Irish with Spanish, French, German, Polish and Italian in the US; I cannot decry Asians and Africans getting into the mix. My problem is with anyone of any stripe, especially punk-ass racist thugs, fucking with anybody else because of their color. Whatever. Back to Barack.

I have decided not to do anything about this; I doubt anything horrible will befall our beloved President in Atlanta or anywhere else any time soon. I still haven't heard back from his people or the people at Glee about that cameo, but the bug is in their ears and desperate times call for desperate measures...


Knight said...

Yeah, this all came off as pretty racist to me. Thugs come in all races you know. So do intelligent politicians. I still have no idea what that has to do with Obama and your dreams of his assassination.

Perhaps inner-city people were attracted to his HOPE campaign and not exactly how black he is.

Anonymous said...

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Peter said...

Re the "HOPE campaign": Perhaps they were duped by an intelligent politician's empty rhetoric. In the event you haven't noticed, hope is fading for the intelligent politician's policies; they are failing all of us, especially many of the suckers who fell for his vacuous and insubstantial sweet-talk.

Re racism: SFW? I like being white; had I been born anything else, then I would have liked being that. The dream I had was a nightmare, not some sick ugly fantasy I secretly share with assholes who'd love to see it come true.