Friday, September 30, 2011

The S Says Superman

I know this is gonna sound crazy, but for many years I based my wardrobe on superhero costumes. I was gonna take the secret to the grave, but Allyson discovered  my uncanny sense of fashion one day when I tried to send my son Max to school in a red shirt, green pants, and a purple cape.

I'm very proud to tell you that my younger son, Ben knows all his letters, letter sounds, and superheros.

Lately all of Ben's teachers have been telling Allyson how smart he is because he can count, and identify obscure letters, like Q and B, but fuck that shit.

If Ben's teachers only knew how many figures he could identify! I'm talking about characters from the 1940's, like Dr. Fate and the Vigilante. I'm talking about Captain Kirk, and Mr. Spock from Star Trek. I'm talking about Superman, and Batman. That's what really impresses me.

Some kids bring their stuffed animals to bed. Some kids have a blanket, but Benjamin Clark Anapolsky brings the Joker and Psycho-Pirate to bed with him. That's my son. Yep.

The other day Ben was sorting through a bag of Mattel Justice League figures and in the bag there were some Playmates Star Trek figures, and a couple of Marvel figures from another toy company. Ben didn't like those figures mixing with the Mattel figures so he started throwing them out of the bag. He wasn't angry about it and I've never told him that the Trek and Marvel figures were made by two other toy companies. He just inherently knew the proper course of action to take. 

The first time I saw Ben walk: B.F.D. But when I watched him sort the bag like a seasoned pro a tear came to me eye. I sense big things for that kid.



Snowflake said...

you need two new smaller bags. one for Star Trek and one for marvel. What is up with you not having marvel figures any way? Spider-man, Fantastic Four, some of the Avengers, and some of the X-men Characters.

eric1313 said...

Or how about Wolverine!! Yeah!

Anyway, glad to read that the family is doing super great.

Just hoping around and seeing how people are in the old blogger world. these new bloggers have no idea how awesome things were when this ball of wax first started rollin.