Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Check Out The Tent Under The Tree

Am I as delusional as I was last year? No. I still live in a fantasy world only my hours have been cut and now it's like a part time life.

Last weekend some of the members of the family and two of my friends went camping in Shelbyville, KY. Nice town. Pretty country. 

It was a great trip. We caught fish and had an awesome dinner that consisted of fish, baked potatoes, and baked beans with a touch of brown sugar. The meal was fantastic, but the highlight of the camping trip for me was pitching our tent under the tree.

Obviously, part of the reason I chose to put the tent under the tree was for shade during the day, but more importantly I thought the tent would look good  and I was right. And no, I didn't put the tent under the tree so that other campers would be envious of my perfect spot. I did it cause the tree told me to do it. It spoke to my soul and said put it here, Keith.

Listen, when a tree tells my soul to do something I fucking do it. Did I worry about the wind breaking a branch large enough to crush us while we slept? Only for a second or two.

Every time I go camping I learn something new. Last time I forgot to bring pillows and a sheet for the queen sized air mattress. I didn't forget that shit this time. This time I forgot paper plates, plastic, and styrofoam cups. I plan on doing a lot more camping as my younger son gets a little older and I will continue to learn along the way.

Someday I plan on pitching my tent on the top of a very high mountain with a billie goat. Just kidding. I'm not wasting my time walking up one of those things and I would never camp where there isn't a place to fish. 

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Drizel said...

I am not much of a camper, had some yukky experiences when I was young, and now I will not camp:)