Monday, February 13, 2012

The 24 Hours of Winter

Now that Winter is finally here I can do all the things that I wanted to this winter. I had a nice cup of hot chocolate on Sunday with two packs of Kroger hot chocolate mix for extra strength goodness. It was delicious and I enjoyed the warmth it provided me on the one and only day of Winter this year.

But thank God Winter's over with now so I can start getting ready for some fun outdoor adventures in the Spring! I was starting to go stir crazy being stuck inside all day yesterday. And the thought of all the lakes and ponds that I fish in freezing over last Saturday night made me sick to my stomach. 

Remember when Winter lasted more than a week? When I was a kid I enjoyed a good 3 month Winter. We would shovel snow for money, play role-playing games inside after we were done, build forts, go sledding, and play football in the snow. But I'm too old and lazy for most of that shit now. I still wouldn't mind playing a good role-playing game though.

Goodbye Winter, it's been real.


Lieutenant Ilia said...

Here you go:

captain corky said...

Sweet. We played that one a few times, but mainly played DC Heroes and Champions. The chicks dug us.