Sunday, February 05, 2012

Let Justice Prevail!

 Black Siren, Tom Turbine, The Streak, Green Guardsman, Catman
After today's big game there wont be anything to do until the 2012 season begins in September. Instead of hibernating like I usually do I will spend most of the off season working on custom action figure creation.

The Justice Guild of America is a Super Hero team created for two episodes of the animated Justice League series that appeared on the Cartoon Network. Mattel capitalized on the series by creating a line of figures that I've spent thousands of dollars on (for my kids of course).

Now here's the thing: The Justice Guild had 5 members, but Mattel, just to fuck with my piece of mind, only produced 4 of the 5 members. So I had to customise Catman from a different line of action figures that my mother spent thousands of dollars on in the 80s.

Initially I was gonna watch some videos on YouTube describing the process of creating custom action figure molds, but that shit was too complicated for me so I just grabbed a couple of Sharpies and went to town. Catman clearly needs a few more coats of Sharpie, but he looks just good enough that my two year old is slightly confused as to why he's not Batman and I'm able to sleep at night.

Damn, I'm really good at making action figures. Next up: A complete line of Captain Corky customs.

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