Monday, April 16, 2012

Baby Keith

In 1968 a girl was born in Cumberland County, North Carolina. In 1969 a boy was born to the same woman in the same location. In 1970 another boy was born to that woman. One thing is clear, the mother of those three children did not waste any time getting pregnant after having a child. Apparently to her there was no time like the drive home from the hospital.

The third child is me (the one in the middle of the picture). All three of us were put in foster care. 68 and 69 were adopted in 1974 by a nice couple from Greensboro, North Carolina.

I was adopted a year earlier by a meshuggeneh couple from Livingston, New Jersey.

The rest of my story can be found on the pages of this blog. But today I got the chance to speak to the adoptive parents of Wendi and Randy AKA my brother and sister.

I should hear from my biological sister and brother later today...

Needless to say my emotions have been a bit off. I've been excited, fearful, anxious, happy, and a whole plethora of other feelings that I keep at bay by taking 50 milligrams of Zoloft a day. I look forward to telling the rest of the story as it unfolds.


Lieutenant Ilia said...

That's fascinating. Thanks for sharing.
Isn't Zoloft amazing?
(100 mg/day takes the crazies away!)
(Naturally I'm nuttier than squirrel crap.)

captain corky said...

Yeah, Zoloft is amazing. Before I started taking it I was jumping out of my skin. Now I'm pretty calm and the wife and kids are used to the excessive drooling.

Biddie said...

Amazing, wonderful, scary! My sister and I found each other 9 years ago and we are as close as any sisters. I hope that everything works out for you.

Also, I think that my meds make me drool, just sayin.

willSIX said...

Good for you, Cap'n. That cannot have been easy.
You make me proud.

pilgrimchick said...

Oh wow--what an opportunity! I hope it all went well.

annergizer said...

fascinating information, and I think important for your peace of mind and well being. Congrats on finding your roots. PS: I keep writing things and they don't appear anywhere so there are multiple comments on your blog. Hope u get this one. Annette