Thursday, April 05, 2012

Who Would You Call With Your Last Goodbye?

Don't ask me how or why I let it happen, but every morning Kris Allen asks me who I would call with my last goodbye. The answer is painfully obvious: Barry Williams.

Why Barry?

Well, even though I read Growing Up Brady, it would be far more insightful to hear William's thoughts on the Brady Bunch over the phone. I could get all the answers that Growing Up Brady doesn't cover.

Plus, everyone always picks their kids or their significant other to talk to before they die, but given the chance I would talk to Barry Williams AKA Johnny Bravo AKA Greg Brady.

So there you have it Kris Allen: the answer to that insipid question that you sing in that insipid song, Live Like We're Dying that gets played every night on that insipid Clear Channel radio station that we listen to at work. But somehow I know you're going to fucking ask me again tomorrow. You bitch.

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