Friday, February 01, 2013

Why Can't Everyday Be Christmas?

Spoiling Ben is a breeze and quite enjoyable. He likes all the crap that I liked as a kid. Benny's even got me interested in the Transformers. I primarily go for men in tights when it comes to action figures, but we've got a nice little collection of Robots brewing.

 Max is not as easy to spoil as far as gift giving goes. If he never saw another action figure (or toy) as long as he lived he'd be fine and wouldn't know the difference.

This is difficult for me...

But I'm a grown man of 42 and my love for him transcends even the love I have for Captain Kirk.
This week has been a good week for the younger tot, Ben. He has eight new obscure figures from Mattel's JLU collection and Max did not complain once that he didn't get anything. But I could see a little hurt in his eyes as he watched his brother hold one of the new figures.

So on my way home from work tonight I stopped off and got him these really awesome click-able coloring pencils and a pack of washable glitter glue. When he wakes up Crayola will be waiting for him along with $2.50 cents for his allowance (the kid's job consists of overfeeding the cat daily).

Before I picked out Max's gifts I wandered into the toy isle and saw two awesome Decepticon Jets for 11 bucks a piece. It's. so. hard. to. resist.

But I'm proud to say that I'm not one of those screwed up Fathers that tries to pressure his kids into liking what he likes (except for fishing) or thinking what he thinks. So I walked away from the Transformers and got the art stuff. I know in two and half hours when Max wakes up he's going to be a happy camper.

Besides next week those Decipticon Jets will still be there and I'll find other art supplies to buy Max's affection with.

And once again Max will be happy, Ben will be happy, I'll be happy, and I'll pat myself on the back for being a great dad. My wife Allyson will want to shoot me and as of right now I think I understand why, but by next week I'll have no recollection of the insanity or this blog post. 

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