Thursday, May 18, 2006

Excuse me, but baseball

I went to a minor league baseball game yesterday. The Louisville Bats vs. The Durham Bulls. I paid 7 bucks for the ticket. I got a beer during the second inning,a micro brew wheat beer, it was actually really good for 4 dollars. Then in the top of the 9th inning I bought a 2 and half dollar soda pop. So I spent like $13.50 for the whole day. Too the average baseball fan this would probably sound like their version of a wet dream.

I can't remember the last time I went to a baseball game. It was probably when I played little league. That was also the last time I found a baseball game to be exciting. If I ever develop hypertension, before I let the doctor prescribe medication that will reduce my high blood pressure and give me the potential of side affects like impotence, dry mouth and tiredness etc etc. I will recommend to the doctor that he let me try an alternative form of medication, season tickets to a baseball team.

As I sat in the stands along the third base foul line, I felt the sun shinning on my head and arms. I heard the noise of the crowd and the crunching of the peanuts and crackerjacks. But inside, I felt nothing. I felt as cold and uncomfortable as the steel seat I was sitting in. I could reel off a bunch of excuses to myself as to why I found this experience so deadening . Perhaps it's because the Bats suck. They looked liked the bad news bears out there. Twice, I saw the left fielder try to catch a fly ball with out his glove, and he dropped it, both times. Maybe it was because there was no real fan base there. When I go to a football game I get high just from the adrenalin pumping throughout the stadium. Perhaps it's the execution of the game. Baseball just doesn't impress me. There have been times when I have watched the perfect execution of people proficient in figure skating, tae kwon do, gymnastics and football. When I see this in other sports I am mesmerized by the beauty of it. I don't see this in baseball. Yes, it was impressive when Dave Winfield used to jump 10 feet in the air and steel a home run from the other team. I also have heard that people appreciate the strategery of this game.

I'm sorry baseball fan but this game is nothing compared to football. Maybe you baseball fan, can explain to me what i'm missing. I should probably let you take me out to the ball game next time i go. But you will have to wait at least another 10 years before that happens.


Anonymous said...

I am a VERY late comer to being a baseball fan and I would still rather watch a football game BUT
there are about 10 Derek Jeter plays I think you should see before decide that it being done at the pinacle of the sport isn't as exciting or graceful as the other sports you've mentioned.

The Comedian

spider man said...

i don't like baseball either, but watch someone like bonds swing. it is like watching tiger woods swing a golf club. it is a snapshot of raw athletic talent with impeccable balance, timing, and technique. for a brief instant these non sports athletes look like the world's greatest athletes. then they go back to being guys who just stand around a lot.

seriously, watch woods swing a golf club and see if it doesn't remind you of wheel kick. body turn separate from legs, fluid smooth arc, explosive impact.

bonds is the same and so is gary sheffield

Big Papi said...

Which is harder to do:
Be a 300 pound behemoth, granted a quick 300 pound behemoth, and repeatedly clash heads with another 300 pounder, OR hit a 90mph fastball?

Bo Jackson, Neion Dieon, and Brian Jordan said...

papi - what requires more intelligence, memorizing a 300 page playbook and learning how to recognize your opponents different 300 page playbook or hitting a ball with a bat?

what requires more athletic ability, sprinting 30 times a game while fighting against another superhuman athlete or running 90 feet 4 times a day if you are lucky?

bill romanowski said...

At least we play our game without the juice, Barry.

captain corky said...

I concede to the fact, that every so often Jeter, makes a nice double play but again, that's nothing compared to a running back like Walter Peyton defying the laws of physics.

Anonymous said...

I've seen Jeter defy the laws of physics!! Thats the thing, those are the kind of plays you should see

The Comedian

Andre Agassi said...

What about me guys?