Monday, June 19, 2006

Never let it be said that I am not my father's son

Mom, tonight Allyson and I were eating at a restaurant. That is where I had my Jack moment of the day. I was putting some ketchup on my three cheese bacon burger and the bottle started making that noise that empty bottles make. The waiter happened to be standing there and asked me if I needed more ketchup and instead of handing him the bottle and saying thank you, I held on to the bottle for dear life and said, "No, there is still ketchup in here". Then I continued to squeeze the bottle of Hines, forcing the ketchup out. The waiter and Allyson stood there in disbelief. Then I handed the bottle to Allyson and said, "here, you feel this, tell me if you think there is still ketchup in there". She said, "your right, it feels like there is something in there". Then she handed it back to me. The waiter was still watching this exchange. Then I handed the bottle to the waiter and said, You tell me if there is any ketchup left in this bottle". He said, "yeah there might be a little, but let me get you a new one". I Finally agreed to let the waiter do his job. After the waiter walked away I looked at Allyson and said, "I just turned into my father didn't I"? And she said, "Yes". Then we both had a good laugh. Allyson declared it was the Jack moment of the year. Happy belated Father's day, Dad.

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