Tuesday, July 04, 2006

ooh and aah and all that shit

Where is the best place you ever watched a fireworks display?

Fireworks are legal in Indiana which is only a hop, skip and a jump from where I live. So for the next week I will have to listen to people light off block busters in my parking lot.

My wife is a big fan of the Thunder Over Louisville display, Its the biggest one in this part of the country. It kicks off the Kentucky Derby Festival every year. It does nothing for me. I associate fireworks with patriotism not Barn Swallow reindeer games.

My friend's Doug and Celine, who have been married almost a year already, host an annul 4th of July barbeque that climaxes with an amazing view up on a roof of three simultaneous firework displays over New York City. This display will have you whistling the Star Spangled Banner every time, even if your a pinko- commie-atheist meathead.

That leades us the Captiol of all firework displays. Washington DC of course. Hands down it's is the best. First of all you can spend all day down at the mall protesting anything and everything you want. There are tons of bands to listen too as well. When I lived in DC even I personally participated in one or two of these protests. There is nothing, nothing more mesmerizing then watching the pretty lights and loud bangs over the Washington Monument. It's also alot of fun to stagger back to the Metro for the ride home.

Public Service Announcement: Please be responsible when setting off Jumping Jacks at a summer camp. First of all it's lame to set off Jumping Jacks during the day because you can't see the pretty colors. More importantly, never set off Jumping Jacks into a field of dead grass or you could be putting out a fire with the top half of your Tae Kwon Do uniform. And Finally as a result of lighting off fireworks at a summer camp, Its most likely gonna be you who gets loaded into the cannon and fired next.


TheBirdman33 said...

The best display I have ever had the pleasure of seeing was definately when we visitedyou guys in Washingston D.C.
The whole event and standing next to the reflecting pool and all that definately made it worth the trip.
The only negative was when that damned bus stop jumped out and actually ATTACKED "backpack" on the way home! Luckily, "backpack" is one of those Bruce Lee freaks (why me?) and was able to hold his own.

willSIX said...

I second the Birdman.


Harold Corman said...

were you guys there for the party in the place we got (de facto) evicted from? that was an awesome party.

captain corky said...

I don't think Matt was, but I remember Willsix being there. I think I even have pictures to prove it. Willsix, Skiver and X or whatever her name was. We had a alot of parties there didn't we?

The Grumbler said...

yeah, every weekend was a party there. but we only made it to one 4th of july in that place.