Tuesday, January 09, 2007

90 in 90

Basically I've spent the last year of my life working on my mental health. Now that I'm completely lucid again it's time to start working on my body. I plan on looking like, and being as strong as Colossus by July 10th ( I might not wear a leotard). I realize It's a lofty goal because I've spent the last 10 years sitting on the couch researching television, and eating and drinking nothing but pure crap. Plus I've never met anyone that could coat their skin into organic steel simply by thinking about it, but if any one's going to do it, It's going to be me.

I'm going to miss eating crap that's for sure! A perfect day for me three years ago would consist of me hitting a trifecta, McDonald's for breakfast lunch and dinner. Too me, that was a very good day. Unlike that tool Morgan Spurlock in the documentary Super Size Me, I never barfed after eating McDonald's three times in one day. My blood pressure is as good as it was when I was 17, and I'm still really good looking. I do admit that I've put on a little weight since I was 17 that I'm going to lose, and my level of energy is not as idyllic as I would like it to be... but I've got a plan that in part I stole from Alcoholics Anonymous.

I'm going to do a 90 in 90. I'm going to go to the gym once a day for the next 89 days (I started yesterday). Yesterday I spent 40 minuets on the treadmill and walked 2 miles. Then I did some light weight lifting. When I got home I was completely burned out but I was high for a good half hour from the endorphins kicking in. The high was almost as enjoyable as a good rub. I feel very optimistic about accomplishing my 90 in 90, and another factor I use as a motivator in going to the gym is that my grandmother who is now in her 90's used to walk 2 to 3 miles a day when she was in her 80's. Shame on you Corky!

Diet is another part of the 90 in 90. My primary fluids will be water and coffee (tea counts as coffee and I will probably drink an endless amount of coffee). I might have a glass of natural juice from time to time and if I'm going to drink it has to be Vodka. I'm going to try and limit my drinking to once or twice over the next 90 days because I have no desire to go to the gym hungover.

For breakfast I will probably eat hard boiled eggs and tuna fish or cereal with whole milk. For lunch I will have a sandwich or two, on wheat bread, and for dinner I will have chicken, beef or fish along with a vegetable and brown rice. Sushi or Korean food is an acceptable Saturday night treat. I can have a piece of fruit in between meals and eat snacks like pretzels and stuff.

After the first 90 in 90 I plan on doing another 90 in 90 but first things first! KJR plans on joining me on this quest( at least in the gym department). I look forward to reading his detailed plan over at his place.


HoosierGirl5 said...

I'm proud of you....sounds like a detailed plan. For my part, I'm joining Weight Watchers AND a gym.
Can we do it? (ala "Bob the Builder") Yes, we can!


Life, or Something Like It said...

It's funny how many of us are working on our mental health. Good for you on the decision to work on the body ad well as the mind!
As for me, I'm not there yet.

Metal Mark said...

Good for you, keep at it. I have been running regularly since 1989 and lifting since 1996. I used to be a heavy smoker, but gave it up like eight years ago because I just couldn't keep up running an smoking.

RockDog said...

Good luck, Captain!

That whole trifecta thing made me hungry...be right back...

captain corky said...

Thanks for the encouragement gang!

I forgot to mention that every treadmill comes equipped with a TV and yesterday I watched the A team while I walked. Good stuff. I pity the fool who thinks Corky isn't going to complete his 90 in 90!

Deb said...

Be careful - most wheat bread stil has high fructose corn syrup in it. Check the ingredients before you buy it.

Good luck Corky!

karma lennon said...

I'm impressed. Your plan is way more detailed than mine. So far I've bought a lot of healthier stuff at the store and exercised once. For not very long. I might incorporate some of your plan into mine. :)

Kim Jong Ramone said...

Well now that I have been called out the game is afoot. I am in. Any other takers?

Nonnyhatesbeta said...

That seems like a totally realistic goal. I'm sure you can do it. You should post some before and after pictures so we can see your progress.

Justin's Mom said...

Good plan Corky! Cap and I will also be joining you and KJR in this quest to find our healthier and thinner selves.

Yasamin said...

i'm on a freaking [posting roll right now so if there are tpypios deal with it. lol

first of all thats a really great plan idea man. just so you know. thats awesome. i put my recumbant bike together and peddled my fat ass into a leg cramp. hahah but its cool. i'm learning. anyway just a little tidbit from me to you drink 64 oz's of water a day. you think its alot but take a 32 oz cup to the gym with you and drink it all. then you only have to drink another one of those cups throughout the day. the water helps your body funtion better and you lose the weight faster. cut the salt. salt retains water as well as makes your muscles swell for the same reasons. it also makes you tired. my mom cut the salt and her kankles disappeared. trip out. cook with olive oil. its just all around better for you.

okay those are the rulse i followed when i lost like 30 lbs. good luck!!!

The Grumbler said...

maybe a little easier goal? like 7 in 7 or 6/7? just take it week by week. that's how i used to do it training, adn i never missed. if you think about 90 days, that a lot of fucking time. that's my take, at least.

p.s. its much harder to drop the lbs now that ephedra is banned, right?

Ms. Tuesday said...

I dont understand.... 90 WHAT in 90 days??? 90 pounds???? That cant be right. Set me straight...

Anonymous said...

I am currently doing the weight loss bit for several reasons:

#1 you shot down my "lets do this together" idea

#2 THEN you discussed this whole plan with "your real friend" KJR and I had to find out about it with the rest of the masses

#3 I was going to post before and after pics but if I didn't make that clear now, people would have thought i bit the idea off of you

#4 I generally don't like you

#5 Get 1%(or fat free) milk instead of whole milk.

#6 I generally don't like you

Sunshine said...

You can look at my Pool blog if you want some diet and exercise tips, we've had a lot of people drop the major pounds there and are just starting up again.
Hope you have a lot of success, feels better to have the clothes fit!

captain corky said...

Deb: Thanks for the advise and the well wishes. I checked the side of the Foodtown wheat bread. Only 1 gram of sugar per serving.

Karma: I heard on a radio talk show that everything you need to eat is on the end isles and the back isle at a grocery store. All the isles in between are nothing but crap.

Nonny: I'm going to post some pics eventually.

Justin's mom: Looking forward to cellebrating our end results at the diner.

Yasamin: Thanks for the advise! Can I drink Seltzer or does it have to be uncarbinated water?

Grumbler: I'm using program circular logic here. One day at a time even though I'm doing a 90 in 90.

Tuesday: Alcoholics Anonymous suggests that a person goes to 90 meetings in 90 days during the first 90 days of sobriety, for a bunch of reasons like reprogramming and good habits etc. I'm using the same logic with the gym. 90 visits to the gym in 90 days.

Birdman: You have issues! Thanks for the advise, we'll discus this further in IM.

Sunshine: Thanks. I'll check out your pool blog, and I can't wait for my clothes to fit. :)

Yasamin said...

its gotta be uncarbed and no caffeine. both change the structure of the water where as it's no longer water. but you can mix chrystal light in and drink it that way.. its still water that way. don't ask me how that works but usually i get the orange kind and only mix in like half the amount they say too because if you mix the whole thing you feel like your drinking dry tang. :p

and i tihnk you broke birdman's heart. you meanie.

Ms. Tuesday said...

makes so much more sense now!

I'm game for that... Birdy, wanna do it with me, since you've clearly seen who your REAL friends are??? =)