Sunday, September 09, 2007

A Perfect Day

Today is a perfect day. It's 75 degrees outside and raining ( a nice steady wet rain). The weather has finally decided to accept the fact that Summer is almost over. It's going to be cooler this week by an average of 15 degrees than it has been all Summer long, but don't quote me on that, I'm not a registered meteorologist.

It's going to get pretty busy around here this week, and probably stay that way for the next 20 years or so. I've noticed from reading other blogs that people are getting really busy all over the place. I guess that's just what happens at this time of the year. My wife went from having no jobs to having three jobs this month. Gulp. Thank God I'm on vacation next week. I need a break.

But in an hour and half Max, Allyson, and I won't be thinking about any of that Feldercarb. We'll be embracing this perfect day, and the American dream while we watch football. We really haven't discussed what were going to eat today though, but that's just a minor issue that can easily be resolved with a quick phone call or a fast trip to the grocery store. I hope ya'll find a way to enjoy this perfect day and if you're having trouble deciding what to do with this perfect day I suggest you turn on the television and watch some football. You could easily watch 12 hours worth today.

My friend Etain has entered a writing contest and could really use our support folks. She's an incredible writer from South Africa who's living in England now. Please go and read her story and if you like it, vote for her. I've already voted once, but I'm a mover and a shaker. I get shit done. Her story is under the name Etain and it's number 18.


Pixie said...

Yay! Roll on Fall, I can hardly wait!

You can keep the footy though ;)

That pic of little Max is soooo cute!

Happy Sunday =)

Biddie said...

Football? No thanks. I'll check out the writing contest, though. Any friend of yours....

Canadian flake said...

booooooooo to fall coming and booooooooo to football..but yeahhhhhh to the pic of

Jay said...

I'm ready for fall.

I'm ready for football.

My fantasy team is getting crushed. None of my guys have scored a TD today. Bad day. And Larry Johnson is about to be introduced to the bench. LOL

It's been raining a lot here too. I love rain.

Jenny! said...

Yucky football! Cutey Max! He's a good size for tossing now isn;t he?

karma lennon said...

I watched Wes Craven`s "A New Nightmare", had Mexican food and chatted with Brit boy for a few-does that count as a perfect day? :)

Bleh for football though!

Pink said...

I'm a mover and a shaker too; when i move, everything shakes.

i'm not ready for fall...we've had no summer weather here in London!

Dr. Kenneth Noisewater said...

I'm done with football after only one week. My Bears made me sick to my tummy.

As for Birdman, I loved how he'd yell his own name when he'd take off flying somewhere. I think I'm going to do that as I get into my car tomorrow. "Nooooiiiiiiiiiiseee-Wateeeeeer!"

Ashley said...

It was a fantastic day today here in Illinois. Absolutely gorgeous. I am so excited for fall.

Plus, the Illini won yesterday! That doesn't happen every day and you have to take it where you can, even if it was against Western Illinois University!

Anonymous said...

I did not get to enjoy any football today. I spent the better part of the day in the blistering sun working a table for an event that was a huge waste of my time and made me annoyed that I came back from vacation early to work it.

captain corky said...

Pixie: Thanks! Fall is great and so is Winter. I heart this time of year.

Biddie: Thanks for your support. I know I can always count on you. ;)

Canadian Flake: Fall and Winter are fun, but you still score 100 points for complimenting Max. :)

Jay: I still have 3 players left to play and I learned a lot about my team today so next week I'll be ready to kick some serious ass. Um.. yeah.

Jenny: I don't know what it is, but Max is simply perfect. ;)

captain corky said...

Karma: That sounds like a great day!

Pink: Living in Louisville I lose a good deal of Fall and Spring every year. That's the South for you. ;(

Dr Kenneth Noisewater: At least their defense played pretty good. They have a chance to make it back and lose again. LOL Captainnnnnnnnn-Corrrrrrrrky!!!

Ashley: It was a little humid today, but all the football I have for breakfast, lunch and dinner made up for it. I'm really pumped!

Birdman: That sucks dude. I wont work on Sundays during the season. There were some good games on today! Hopefully you'll get to watch the games tonight.

HoosierGirl5 said...

Yes, it was football Sunday. And the weather made it the perfect excuse to stay inside and watch TV.

Max is adorable, as usual.


The Lone Beader said...

I hate that summer's almost over... :(


How'd your day go with football? Did you have a good fantasy day with them all?
Damn turnovers with the bears..I love Lovie, but come on, and I have to admit that Harris did encroach that neutral zone, he was offsides..
I'm heading over to rate good for your writer friend.


Great story,,Vampires freak me out, but also intrigue me, and she told it so well!!!!!!!!!!!!

RockDog said...

Week 1: I watched the 2nd half of the Cowboys game. Life is good so far.

Biddie said...

Did I already tell you that I am SO in love your son?

Burfica said...

We watched most of the Bronco's game yesterday. And we watched the Diamondbacks game. Now that was a good game!!!

Blancodeviosa said...

damn max is a cutie!!

Tod said...

Perfect days are few and far between. Make the most of them!

Anonymous said...

You are right, yesterday was a great day. I fell asleep in front of the TV watching football. I made it through the noon games, but couldn't stay awake for the 3:00 games. It was a wonderful afternoon.


her indoors said...

hope you enjoyed your perfect day, i dont do football, or any sport, well unless sex can be classed as a sport, what do you think?!

Webmiztris said...

i don't know what it feels like to have a day where i have nothing to do. I can't even imagine what that feels like. LOL

etain_lavena said...

Football not much I know about it, but now I can comment on lazy sundays....thats the best ever:)....hhhmmmm:)

And thanks sooooo much for linking my story, appreciate it sooooo much:)

And that Little Max is still soooo super cute...


Aunt Jackie said...

I am totally looking forward to fall again! I can't wait for chilly air and turning leaves... Having coffee or cocoa in the chilly weather is great. Hope you enjoyed all the Football, it's an exciting time of year! How did Corky, Jr. like it?

Tink said...

It's still hot as hell here. So Hoop and decided to spend the day wading in a lake. Which turned out to be really murky and filled with snapping turtles.

Metal Mark said...

My Broncos squeaked out a win on Sunday so it was a good day.

Cheryl said...

Glad it was a perfect day. Football...can you believe I never watch it? I don't even like the sound as background noise. It might as well be static. That said, I'm going now before you chase me away.

Christie said...

I got you beat, baby! I bought a car this weekend. And not just any car, a Dodge Durango. Cause I'm that cool.

Jenny! said...

I know...they are!

James Burnett said...

Hey, Max looks like a rock star. Will he be getting lessons when baseball season finally heats up, too?

I'm taking notes, 'cause when our addition arrives in February, he or she will be my ticket back to the couch and the remote on Sunday afternoons, I hope.

mjd said...

"Feldercarb" now that brings back memories. Thank you for the tip. For my perfect day, I will skip the football, but there seems to be plenty to watch. However, I will check out your friend in the wrting contest.

Queen of Dysfunction said...

I read "football" and started to twitch. Then I saw the photo of Corky Jr. and stopped twitching.

Perhaps Corky Jr. is an effective twitch medication!

Alekx said...

I can never watch Football, everytime a good play is going on friggin 911 rings.
Don't these people know I could care less about their silly life threatening problems, I just missed that touch down.

Princess Pointful said...

I'm gonna have to agree with those above me... football is tediously neverending. I'm more of a hockey gal.

3 jobs in one month for a new mommy? Your wife is a superstar!

captain corky said...

Hoosiegirl5: Somehow I find an excuse to stay in every Sunday, and Saturday, Friday and Thursday, Wednesday, and Tuesday, and Monday. Do you think I might have a social disorder? ;)

Beader: You live in a magic land where Summer doesn't mean 100 degrees everyday and disgusting humidity. I love Summer up in your neck of the woods.

Crusty: I made some big time mistakes with my fantasy team, but I think I learned a lot this week. I think I say that every week though. ;)

P.S. She's a really good poet too.

Rockdog: MTV is dead.

Biddie: Thanks. :)

captain corky said...

Burfica: The only time I watch baseball is during the playoffs and World Series. I caught a bit of the Bills Broncos game on NFL Network.

Blancodeviosa: Thanks!!!

Tod: I try to make everyday perfect. I guess it's just the Willy Wonka in me or something.

Emmeline: Sounds like a great way to spend a Sunday. Very nice!

Her Indoors: Sex is definitely a sport, but so much more. ;)

captain corky said...

Webmiztris: What do you mean nothing to do? You call sitting in front of TV watching football for 10 straight hours nothing to do?!? LOL!

Etain: It was a really great story. I never get tired of Max compliments. I love them."

Aunt Jackie: Great question! He loved it. He hardly fussed at all yesterday.

Tink: Ouch! Glad you didn't get eating by any gators Tink. ;)

Metal Mark: They better play better or they're in trouble.

captain corky said...

Cheryl: I prayed to God and asked him to please forgive you for not liking football. The rest is up to God now. ;)

Christie: Very nice! What color?

Jenny: I plan on having at least two more. How about you?

James: It doesn't matter what anyone says to you James... Get ready for the most indescribable and incredible moments of you life! I

MJD: As long as you have as many perfect days as you can, that's all the counts!

captain corky said...

Queen: He does wonders for me. I can even go out in public when I bring him along. ;)

Alekx: Exactly. I almost quit work tonight because I had to miss the second game. I almost quit work every Sunday and Monday during football season though.

Princess: I'm trying to get her to quit one and another ends this month so pretty soon she'll be down to one job, but she is definitely a superstar. :)

Crashdummie said...

It couldn’t be perfect cuz I wasn’t there.. duuH! But I’m glad you had a good day.

Awwwwww another Max pic, he is so adorable. U sure you & your wife dont want a permanently suntanned Swedish nanny?


Max has eyebrows...awwww,..have his eyelashes grown in yet?
You know that babies are born without kneecaps as well?
Interesting tidbit, eh?

Gina said...

It's gonna be 90 degrees today, so no fall weather here.

And, I've been thinking for a while how much Max and Mr. P look alike (when Mr. P was a baby, of course) and yet there was something that didn't match. Yesterday, I was changing some photos out of a frame, and it hit me, Max just doesn't have any hair yet! Mr. P was born with a full head. I should send you a picture so you can tell me if I am just a loon.

honkeie2 said...

Your kid looks like he is in a football induced coma. TV rots the brian lol

Pink said...

you know...I've figured out why it is that kids always look surprised.

They are!

everything is new. imagine that :)


david mcmahon said...

G'day from faraway Australia,

I followed your link from Queen of Dysfunction's blog. While your summer is ending, we're in our first fortnight of spring.

And while football is big in the US (yes, there are three Aussies in the NFL) we are into the second week of the Aussie Rules finals series.

Enjoyed my first visit here.

Cheers, mate


Big Pissy said...

*sigh* We don't have fall in Hell.

In Hell the temperature is either HOT or HOTTER. :(

leslie said...

Corky, Do you have a TV Brick for watching games? Do you even know what I'm talking about?
I tried to find something to link to show you, and seems the TV Brick may be obsolete as a viewing accouterment.

neroli said...

Corky, thanks for the recommending your friend's writing to us---and for the great photo of Corky Jr.!
We were celebrating the great day as well: Snowy made cheesesteaks, and even make a cheesesteak concoction for me with the "fake steak," despite the fact that he knew I was going to glop it all with cheez whiz---that's love :)!
(maybe that's why the Eagles lost?!? Mea culpa!)

kat said...

I'm looking forward to that crispy fall weather. Something invigorating about it.

Max is so adorable. He is Cuteous Maximus for sure.

Lady K said...

Okay. I love you and your family and all, but is it okay that I can hate you at the same time because it's still like 107 down here right now and it's almost the middle of SEPTEMBER? I TRULY miss living back east.

Oh wait. In a couple of weeks, I'll be able to get a tan and you guys will be digging out your wool.

hee hee! just kidding, just wanted to stop by and say HELLO.

captain corky said...

Crashy: Thanks. Next time I'm going to make sure you're there so it will be a perfect day. ;)

Crusty: I think he does have eyelashes. Babies are weird but I love them.

Gina: I'd love to check it out. Even if it's true I'll still think your a loon though. ;)

Honkeie2: I pride myself on the education I received from television and I would be doing a great injustice if I prevented Jr from getting the same great education.

Pink: It's amazing to see how much he learns everyday. He's learning and changing all the time. I love it.

captain corky said...

David Mcmahon: Welcome! Thanks for stopping by. Autumn and Winter are my favorite seasons so I'm really excited.

Big Pissy: We barely have fall here in Kentucky, but I do remember it very fondly from NJ. ;)

Leslie: You can't get games on the net yet, but hopefully one day.

Neroli: Cheesesteaks? I'm coming over for lunch next Sunday. ;)

Kat: I gotta get my wife and kid up for leaf piles in New Jersey when Max gets older. Fall is so awesome up there.

Lady K: I like snow and I hope we get a lot of it this year. Last year we got the shaft here in Kentucky. ;)